Mike Nolan on Manny Lawson

San Francisco head coach Mike Nolan met with the media to discuss NC State product and 49er draft pick Manny Lawson.

Opening Statement
"With our second pick of the day and the 22nd pick in the draft we took Manny Lawson. Manny very much like Vernon Davis is a player that has a lot of measurables that are very positive, the height, weight, speed and all that is there. The next two things which are most important are that he is a very good football player and also a great character person. Both the players we drafted so far have accomplished a lot of things in their college careers. At looking at them both we have done a very good job. It is evident that as the choice was getting closer that we made the right decision of moving up from #37 to #22, because Manny would not have been there at #37. Although we have other players targeted they all would not have made it to that #37 spot either. I am very pleased that Denver gave us a call and certainly glad that we made the move that we did, because we would not have been able to make that trade today, so that worked out in our favor."

Did you have Manny in mind when you made the trade with Denver for the 22nd pick of the draft?
"You are just hopeful that one guy is there at your pick at #22. There were a couple guys still there when it was our turn to pick. It worked out well."

Will Manny Lawson have the same role as Julian Peterson did?
"To some degree yeah, after tomorrow that would be a good question to ask because by then we will know if we are going to run a 3-4 or 4-3. As of now we are still running a 3-4, but if we land a couple of defensive ends we could go to a 4-3. It is not a huge change for our players but it is just a matter of getting the best 11 on the field."

Is Manny stout enough to line up as a defensive end in a 4-3 scheme?
"In certain schemes yes, and in all 4-3 schemes no, but in several he can."

Did the first round go like clockwork?
"Not quite like clockwork because that is pretty precise, but I would say one of the things I have been impressed with during the two years I have been here is with Scot McCloughan. Scot really lines up the board using his scouts and our coaches. As he lines it all up the board comes pretty true to form. Sometimes you can say that is really good but that doesn't always meant that it just means he knows what everybody is thinking. We line the board up as we see it, not as the general public or draft gurus see it."

Are you going to make any trades today to move higher up?
"I don't know, we'll se how it goes. Last year I thought we were done after the third round and we all of a sudden had another pick with Adam Snyder. It turned out to be a great move for us. We'll see but I don't want to count anything out but right now there is nothing in the works. Scot and I have talked about how we would get into the second round if we wanted to and what we would do."

Was Manny overshadowed by Mario Williams after watching film on NC State?
"I didn't think tremendously no. I noticed there was a competition between the two, but in a good way. They are entirely different players, one is a defensive end in Mario Williams."

The San Francisco 49ers contributed this report.

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