Quotables: Stephen Tulloch

NC State junior Stephen Tulloch met with the media after being selected by the Tennessee Titans. Here is a sampler of what he had to say.

(on his role with the Titans)
With talking to the coaches briefly, they're looking for me to come in there and not only be just be a special teams guy, but to come in there and compete for a position and that's what I intend on doing.

(on which linebacker positions he prefers)
In college at NC State, I played both inside and outside (linebacker). I played different schemes. I was on the field every play. In the dime package, which is five DBs (defensive backs and) one linebacker, I was in the inside, in the nickel package I was on the strong side, in the base 4-3 defense I was on the weak side, so I can play pretty much any position as far as linebacker is concerned.

(on how he imagines it would be to play with Keith Bulluck and David Thornton)
Those guys are hell-of-a guys. I had a chance to watch Keith Bulluck play growing up in high school so I know what type of a ball player he is. I just am privileged and blessed to be in the situation that I am to be a part of their team.

(on how good was the North Carolina State defense)
You have to look at it. We had guys like Mario Williams, Manny Lawson and John McCargo, which are all three hell-of-a players. To play behind a line like that and for them to do their thing and I do my thing, it was just a good way to put all of us together and make our defense tops in the country the last two years. It was a good experience while it lasted.

(on where he thought he would get picked)
To be honest with you, I felt like I would get picked late the first day but never the less I am happy to be a Tennessee Titan. I'm going to have a big chip on my shoulder, which I always have had. I'm just happy to be here in Tennessee and to show the fans what I am all about.

(on how much does he hear about his height)
I've always heard about my height and I've been proving it since high school. I've been proving it since I was in college. I've been proving it my whole life. You can't judge a person's heart. My heart is bigger than a lot of people's hearts and I'm going to show that. I'm a ball player. I'm a football player, that's it. I will get the job done, no matter what it is, I get the job done. That's what I am going to do in Tennessee.

(on what teams showed interest in him besides the Titans)
I had a chance, especially at the combine, to meet with Green Bay. I met with Kansas City. I met with Chicago. But recently, I've been talking to Kansas City, Jacksonville and New Orleans. A lot of teams called this morning, wanting to draft me early, just so happens Tennessee drafted me before they did.

(on had he talked with the Titans organization much)
I met the Titans at the combine, I met their whole staff and I talked to them. I felt a real good vibe about what they had going on with their defensive scheme. It's pretty much like ours and I knew I could fit in right away and I am just so happy to be a Tennessee Titan.

(on if the fourth and fifth round picks will make a difference to their teams)
This draft was probably one of the best drafts in years. If you look at guys that are getting drafted now like Max Jean-Giles out of Georgia. He is a hell-of-a football player. You know and the media knows that a lot of teams are made with the second day picks. These guys have a lot to prove like I do and we're going to prove it.


The Tennessee Titans contributed to this report...

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