All the Buzz on Linas Kleiza

NC State's top remaining target from the class of 2003 is Montrose Christian's Linas Kleiza. Montrose will be playing in the finals of the GlaxoSmithKline tournament on Monday. Chances are Stu Vetter will have his team in the RBC today to watch the Pack and former Montrose player, Levi Watkins.

Having not played much of the summer due to a torn meniscus, Linas Kleiza has since undergone surgery and is progressing even better than anticipated. "He's already up in the gym now," Montrose assistant coach David Adkins said (Aug 28). "Two more weeks of rehabbing."

His injury hasn't had any negative effects on his stock as Kleiza is currently listed as a 4-star recruit and ranked as the #12 Power Forward in the nation by both and Rivals. In fact, Dave Telep wrote in a recent article, "The 6-7 Kleiza is playing at 245 pounds now and he's looking good doing it. He's moving well, his feet are quick and there are no signs of any ramifications from the knee injury that kept him out of July action."

His top schools are Missouri, NC State, Virginia, UConn and Florida State. He will visit the Seminoles on Oct. 26. No other visits have been announced yet.

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Update October 8, 2002
Dave Telep *
10/04/02 - Leading the way is Lithuanian Linas Kleiza. A hard worker who continues to refine his game with strength and skill, Kleiza looks like the heart and soul of this bunch. His versatility and basketball IQ will be used at a number of positions this year.

Dave Telep *
10/04/02 - Kleiza Coming Along Nicely - The Lithuanian, in an afternoon scrimmage, played hard like he always does. He has great hands, is cerebral and can pass. In other words, he's got all the tools to make a serious rise up the recruiting lists with a good season at Montrose Christian this year.

Dave Telep *
8/28/02 - Kleiza's List Takes Shape - Kleiza, who is by all accounts a gym rat and as intense a forward as they come, is one of best power forward prospects in the country. His greatest summer moment came at Five-Star when he hit up Major Wingate for 31 points and held him to just 6.

Chris Monter * College Basketball News
10/02/02 - The following is a look at the complete list of the top high school seniors from each of the 50 states. The players listed in bold made College Basketball News' Top 100 seniors.

Previous updates before July 15, 2002
Dave Telep *
The grapevine tells us that Montrose Christian power forward Linas Kleiza is out for the summer after having surgery on his meniscus.

Dave Telep *
6/13/02- Terrific in the post where he battles every possession. The folks up at Montrose Christian have obviously worked him hard to where his footwork is advanced and he takes each possession seriously. Easy to see why schools like him. One of the toughest kids in high school basketball.

Dave Telep *
6/13/02- Kleiza reportedly came to Five-Star to get a piece of Major Wingate and on Wednesday he did just that. Despite losing in the semifinals to Wingate's team, Kleiza finished with 31 points to Wingate's 6. In head to head competition, it was the 6-7 Lithuanian showing no fear. He scored over and around Wingate while playing rugged defense on the big man at the other end. "I think he was scared," Kleiza said afterward.

Thom Jones *
12/11/01- Kleiza's game doesn't extend much further than the free throw line, but with the effectiveness he demonstrated throughout the day against Wingate, perhaps that shouldn't matter. For good measure, he threw down some impressive late dunks -- including one reverse over the head breakaway -- that showed he has a little bounce to his game as well.

Basketball America
6/13/02- "He's a big-time player," Queens-based recruiting expert Tom Konchalski said Wednesday afternoon. "He has great strength and surprisingly good skills. He can shoot the ball and he's a very good passer. He's the Vanilla Gorilla of this camp."

Clint Jackson *
1/08/02- "I had heard about him from some D.C. sources," said one ACC assistant coach, who asked not to be named, "and he has all of the tools that we need in a power forward. He scores down low, he's a warrior on the boards, he blocks shots, he rebounds, and he just plays hard."

Allen Myers * Maryland Basketball News
1/26/02- Linas a 6'8 Power Forward has traveled alltheway from Lithuania to play High School Basketball for Montrose Christian in Rockville.Linas is only a Junior and many area already saying he is the best player in the area.The big guy averages a double - double at 20.4 ppg and 10 boards a game.Only more great things to come from Kleiza.

BSA Sports
1/05/02- A native Lithuanian. Nice size. Likes to mix it up inside. Plays hard and likes to bang.
1/05/02- Kleiza's coach called him "the best player nobody knows about," and you aren't going to find any arguments here. The burly 6-8 power forward showed the athleticism to make some wicked blocks and really eleveate well for his size. I wouldn't be surprised to see his name creep up next summer as a late emerger, a la Brad Buckman.

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