Audio: Player Reactions

RALEIGH, NC -- Wolfpack players met with the media after Sidney Lowe was announced as NC State's new head coach. Here is a sampler of what some of them had to say.

Courtney Fells (1:57)

"We got a great guy like Sidney Lowe who has been here and been through all the experiences. He's going to try and help us reach the next level."

"Really it made everybody smile in the media room today when he told us we were going to be up-tempo."

"He knows what it takes. He's been there, done that."

Cedric Simmons (2:28)

"I like the words. I like having fun and playing free."

"It's a guy I watched a lot of tape on, watching ESPN Classic."

"I'm excited. He's been on the NBA level so he knows what it takes to get there. He knows what it takes to win, he's a national champion."

"I don't think my family's situation is real bad or real terrible. It's not like we're hurting for money or anything. The decision is based on me, not my family or my parents."

"It's real good. He helped recruit us and he's coming back to be a part of the family again. I'm very proud to see coach Harris back."

Andrew Brackman (1:33)

"Yes, I knew he was a great player here. He's an NBA coach, you can't ask more than that."

"I think that helps so much. I don't think any of our players wanted coach Harris to leave."

"It was very tough on me. I really liked coach and I liked playing under coach."

Gavin Grant (1:08)

"He's giving the players around here the freedom and confidence they need."

"I was definitely impressed with the way he met the team. He told us he wanted us to be free and have fun out there."

"I think coach Lowe is going to let guys express themselves, play how they want to play. Like me, I'll be able to get to the basket more."

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