Photo Gallery: Lowe Press Conference

Here are exclusive shots from Saturday's press conference where Lowe was announced as NCSU's new head coach.

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    Sidney Lowe smiles shortly after being announced as the new head coach at NC State.

    Lowe addressed the crowd before fielding questions from the media.

    After his press conference, Lowe answered more questions from the media.

    NC State AD Lee Fowler ended an extensive coaching search by naming Lowe the new head coach.

    Fowler answers questions from the media.

    Larry Harris will not be officially named assistant coach until Tuesday, but he was in attendance for the press conference.

    Lowe talks with Wolfpack players Brandon Costner and Courtney Fells.

    Engin Atsur and Andrew Brackman talk after the press conference.

    NC State's players were in attendance for the press conference. Here they share a laugh listening to Lowe address the crowd.

    Chancellor James Oblinger addressed the audience before Lowe was introduced as head coach.

    Sidney Lowe with his wife, Melanie, and Chancellor Oblinger.

    NC State football coach Chuck Amato and baseball coach Elliot Avent were in attendance for Lowe's press conference.

    Avent and former Wolfpack great Chris Corchiani talk as Lowe gives his opening statement.

    Lowe and former teammate Cozell McQueen hug after the press conference.

    Ernie Myers was also in attendance, and he congratulates Lowe following the press conference.

    Several members of NC State's 1983 national championship team were present. Alvin Battle, Cozell McQueen, Sidney Lowe, and Ernie Myers pose for a shot together.

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