Audio: Fowler On 'Primetime With The Packman'

NC State AD Lee Fowler appeared on "Primetime With The Packman" yesterday and here is the audio from his segment.

NC State AD Lee Fowler appeared on "Primetime With The Packman" yesterday and here is the audio from his segment.

Fowler On 'Primetime With The Packman'

"I think some of the issues we had when we were doing our search was some of the same issues Herb had. Only 200,000 dollars of his [contract] was guaranteed, the money we paid him, and I think that also became an issue when we were out looking for new coaches."

"I talked to a lot of people that I would feel like [are on Barnes and Calipari's] level. A lot of them nobody knows that we ever discussed it. Most of the time issues were either buyouts or issues with my guaranteed part of the contract not being guaranteed. Most of those guys are making 1.5-1.8 million dollars and the majority of it is guaranteed. I knew there was going to be an issue and a problem with that. What I tried to do is say that Roy Williams has the same type deal, of course Roy was coming home in that instance and knew what was at North Carolina."

"We really didn't talk contract [but] with about three people total."

"It's an interesting process."

"I was trying to get the guy that was the best fit for NC State, and I think we ended up there."

"Wolfpack fans are passionate."

"I was at a program, Middle Tennessee, where I had to pour gas on them to get them fired up. Here I have to take a bucket of water with me all the time to cool them down a little bit."

"Wolfpack fans are the greatest... I wouldn't have it any other way."

The passion of our Wolfpack fans about State and winning, and sometimes the passion about me being the stupidest guy to ever walk on the earth, but besides that I think that they are a great bunch of fans. When you have a job like this, there's nothing you like better than to have people that are willing to buy tickets. The passion of the Red and White is unbelievable."

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