Audio: Lowe On 'Primetime With The Packman'

Sidney Lowe appeared on "Primetime With The Packman" yesterday, and here is the audio from his segment.

Sidney Lowe appeared on "Primetime With The Packman" yesterday, and here is the audio from his segment.

Lowe On 'Primetime With The Packman'

"It really is. It's an unbelievable opportunity for me."

"You have to be able to go out and get some of those top players."

"There's no secret on any level. We have great coaches in the NBA, college, high school. The key is recruiting and having some of the best players. I felt that was very important, especially coming into this situation for the first time. We need to be able to go out and recruit and get some of those top players."

"I think in having a guy like Monte Towe, who's been in the business for a while, and his ability to go in and meet people... he's very personable."

"As well as Larry Harris, who's been doing it for some years."

"I tried to put together a staff that has a lot of experience because I'm coming in new. I have 15 years in the NBA, but it's a different ballgame there. I wanted to surround myself around people that I felt would fit and really help me."

"We have a couple of things in our favor. One, we have a great, great university. We have facilities that are second to none."

"Everything is geared to make sure our players are comfortable."

"I think if you're a kid that has aspirations of going to the NBA, I have 15 years of NBA experience in coaching, as well as some years in playing. I know exactly what it takes for a young man like you to get to the NBA."

"The style of play that we're going to play is going to be conducive for that. We're going to be open, we're going to allow you to express yourself and showcase your skills. We feel that is what you're capable of doing. We want to make sure that you can do that and hopefully we can keep you for two years, at least."

"You have to make people feel comfortable with you. I feel comfortable talking to people. I like for people to feel comfortable talking to me."

"I want a parent to look at me when I come in their home and just say, 'Wow. Just his face, just his facial expression or whatever it may be, I feel at ease with this guy.' Obviously when we get to talk, hopefully they feel even more comfortable."

"I want what's best for their kid. If I feel that our school is best for their kid, then I'm really going to express that."

"I have a story to tell because I was fortunate, and unfortunate, that after my freshman year in college my coach left and went to Florida. I decided that I was going to go with him, that was coach Sloan. I went into his office, and I'm a young man, and I cried like baby. Coach Sloan sat me down and he said, 'Sidney, I recruited you for NC State because I felt that NC State was the best school for you. I didn't recruit you for myself, and I think you need to stay here.' I ended up staying and winning a national championship and going on and playing in the NBA and coaching."

"When I look back, he had just as much to do with my career today, as anyone did, by his decision not to be selfish and to allow me to stay in a program where I was going to play for three more years and start and take advantage of that. I have that experience of telling kids that it's important that you go somewhere where you're comfortable and where you're going to play. I think that's just a huge advantage for me."

"Coach V was always the type that allowed his guys to play. Once you showed him that you were capable of doing something, he just had the utmost confidence in you, and he allowed you to do it. I think anytime you show confidence as a coach to a player, he's going to go out there and perform better, as opposed to if he's looking over his shoulders, scared to make a mistake. Having said that, you don't allow a guy to just go out and play wild, but you want him to be comfortable. That's something that I've talked to our kids about when I was in Raleigh. I want you to have fun. I want you to play hard and play smart, but I want you to have fun. That's what I take from Coach V."

"We have no chance of guarding David Thompson... I just have to be honest. We don't have a shot, that's just the truth. They had the greatest player in college basketball history, in my opinion."

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