Post-Spring Depth Chart

With spring practice complete, NC State released its latest football depth chart. Several position changes have been made and a couple of players are no longer listed.

2006 NC State Post-Spring Depth Chart
9Marcus Stone6-4/236Jr.*
19Daniel Evans6-2/191So.*
7Mike Greco6-3/220Fr.*
24 Andre Brown 6-0/232So.
22 Toney Baker 5-10/228So.
28 Jamelle Eugene 5-10/202Fr.*
89 Octavius Darby 6-2/256So*.
37 John Kane 5-9/239So.
4 Pat Bedics 6-0/249Jr.*
'X' Wide Receiver
13 Lamart Barrett 6-1/190Sr.
88 Geron James 6-4/185 Fr.*
'Z' Wide Receiver
82John Dunlap OR6-2/210Jr.
2 Darrell Blackman OR 5-10/209Jr.
85 Koyal George 5-11/165So.
'Zebra' Wide Receiver
82John Dunlap OR6-2/210Jr.
13 Lamart Barrett OR 6-1/190Sr.
86 Kyle Newell OR 6-5/223Fr.*
6 Andrew Evans 5-11/180So.*
Tight End
83 Anthony Hill 6-6/277Jr.
89 Octavius Darby 6-2/256So.*
38 Jacob King 6-2/238So.*
Left Tackle
78 James Newby6-5/295Sr.*
61 Julian Williams 6-5/292Fr.*
61 Matthew White 6-7/355So.*
Left Guard
69 Kalani Heppe6-3/300Jr.*
66 Yomi Ojo6-4/320Jr.*
68 Garrett Kline 6-7/299Jr.*
64 Leroy Harris 6-3/300Sr.*
72 Luke Lathan6-4/292Jr.*
74 Andy Barbee6-3/290Fr.*
Right Guard
76 Curtis Crouch 6-5/344So.
60 Meares Green6-4/295So.*
61 Julian Williams 6-5/292Fr.*
Right Tackle
79 Jon Holt 6-6/296Sr.*
50 Jeraill McCuller6-7/342Fr.*
54 Merci Falaise 6-5/292Sr.*

Special Teams
Place Kicker
12John Deraney6-4/224Sr.*
12John Deraney6-4/224Sr.*
Long Snapper
85William Lee6-2/235Sr.*
19Daniel Evans6-2/191So.*
Kick Returner
2 Darrell Blackman 5-10/209Jr.
24 Andre Brown 6-0/232So.
Punt Returner
2 Darrell Blackman 5-10/209Jr.
Left Defensive End
97 Willie Young 6-5/230Fr.*
41 Martrel Brown 6-2/290Jr.*
99 Quentin Brown 6-5/245Fr.*
Left Defensive Tackle
92 DeMario Pressley 6-4/293Jr.
70 Teddy Larsen OR 6-2/285Fr.*
49 Alan-Michael Cash 6-0/291Fr.*
Right Defensive Tackle
72 DeMarcus "Tank" Tyler 6-2/305Sr.
93 John Bedics 6-4/283So.*
Right Defensive End
98 Littleton Wright 6-6/244Jr.*
55 John Amanchukwu 6-4/283Sr.*
Weakside Linebacker
20 Reggie Davis 6-0/246Sr.
43 Ray Michel 6-0/224Fr.*
11 Guerlin Dervil 6-2/214Jr.*
Middle Linebacker
42 Patrick Lowery 6-1/242Sr.*
95 James Martin 6-1/236Jr.*
48 Avery Vogt 6-2/225Fr.*
Strongside Linebacker
29 LeRue Rumph OR 6-2/225Jr.*
95 James Martin 6-1/236Jr.*
5 Ernest Jones 6-2/217Jr.*
19 Garland Heath 6-2/225Sr.
7 DaJuan Morgan 6-2/207So.*
12 Vance Proctor 6-0/196Jr.
Right Corner
8 Jimmie Sutton 5-11/181Jr.*
24Phillip Holloman 5-11/194Jr.*
39 Wesley Wilson 5-9/185So.
Free Safety
25 Miguel Scott 6-0/203 Jr.
14 J.C. Neal 6-0/191So.
47 Scott Bradsher 6-0/182So.
Left Corner
3 A.J. Davis 5-10/191Sr.*
6Levin Neal OR 5-10/191So.
30 Jeremy Gray 6-2/190So.*


  • Redshirt sophomore Raymond Brooks is not listed on the depth chart, but the defensive end is back on the official roster at Brooks, who missed the 2004 season, is now listed at 6-foot-3 and 285 pounds, up 20 pounds since last year. He tallied 27 tackles, four tackles for loss, one sack, one pass breakup, and a quarterback pressure while backing up Mario Wiliams as a true freshman in 2003.

  • Senior wide receiver Jamesley Jean and redshirt freshman defensive end Matt Kushner are no longer on the team.

  • Redshirt sophomore Daniel Evans is the new holder, replacing Chris Young, who started three seasons for the Wolfpack.

  • Redshirt junior Littleton Wright and redshirt freshman Willie Young are both listed as starters at defensive end. Wright and Young redshirted last season.

  • Senior Reggie Davis moved from tailback to linebacker late in the spring, and he is listed as the starter at weakside linebacker.

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