Quotables: NC State

No. 7 seed NC State head coach Elliott Avent, starting pitcher Gib Hobson, and third baseman Drew Martin met with the media following the Wolfpack's 9-3 victory over No. 2 seed North Carolina. Here is a sampler of what they had to say.

NC State head coach Elliott Avent
Gib Hobson was outstanding today. Facing Andrew Miller is enough in itself especially when it feels like its 125 degrees out there. We're a little banged up right now. We have a bunch of guys that have worked harder than any team I've ever had. I've had lot of teams and our trademark is work ethic. This team may have taken it to a new level. They've worked hard all year and all we talk about is hard work paying off down the stretch. I am so proud of Gib Hobson on a day like today against Andrew Miller. Being down 3-0 after three batters and getting aggressive and getting after people the way he did. As soon as it was the second inning, our players sensed that he was going to keep it there. We had to scratch and claw; we were fortunate to put some things together against one of the top pitchers in the country.

On meeting North Carolina after getting swept by them in the regular-season
We did get swept by Carolina. Carolina is a great ball club. We got swept by them and actually played well against them over there; that shows you just how good they are. We knew we had to play a little better and hopefully they wouldn't play quite as well. We probably got Andrew Miller on a bit of an off day and that was a plus for us.

On this ballpark favoring NC State
I think you tailor your ball club around your ballpark at home and when you go on the road, you see what you have. I think this ballpark favors us; it is perfect for us. The hot weather is perfect for us, too. We have a lot of Miami guys and they like this weather. This is a big ballpark and we are a line drive hitting team and we try to put together a lot of quality at bats.

On the ACC Tournament field being so talented
This tournament is so good. It is tougher than any regional out there. This is almost an Omaha field and it's outstanding. The more you can win and play in the late games and rest, the better off you'll be.

NC State starting pitcher Gib Hobson
It was definitely not the way I wanted to start the game. But Coach came out there and told me to stay aggressive, stay with what I got and trust my stuff. I started doing that. We have played great defense all year and we did that today. Just trust yourself and fill up the strike zone and that seems to work.

NC State third baseman Drew Martin
I felt a little pressure before the game, but not much because I knew my teammates would be behind me. They are awesome and a lot of the older guys respect me for what I have done and I respect them a whole lot for what they have done this year. I knew Gib had me because he threw really well today. I was a little nervous because it was my first start and it was a big game today. I was just really ready to play.

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