Audio: Strickland, Towe Meet The Media

RALEIGH, NC -- NC State assistants Pete Strickland and Monte Towe met with the media today at the Dail Center to discuss the latest on Wolfpack basketball. Here is a sampler of what the two assistants had to say.

Monte Towe Audio (23:33)

"I've been ready to be here for a couple of weeks, and I haven't been able to get it done until now."

"I had to give them some money, and Sidney was willing to play some games. I think New Orleans is going to come here twice, and we're going to go down there once. I've got to come up with some money that Lee Fowler and the Wolfpack Club is going to help me with. It's behind us now."

"We're still trying to salvage the recruiting that went on this year."

"All I know is we're still working on trying to get everyone of them here."

Pete Strickland Audio (18:45)

"We need him around."

"We are staying in touch."

"I played for DeMatha. I was about four years ahead of Sidney. I went to Pitt and I would come home, and I would coach the summer league teams for coach Wooten. That's where I first met Sidney."

"He was very poised, a calm leader. One of those guys that we all know them in any walk of life, just seemed a little bit older than his years. He was just a very effective leader."

"I felt like Larry and I could hit the road running."

"I'll just say we're not ahead. We've got to catch up. One thing that is becoming clear, you guys may want to keep an eye on, the four of us is in the same generation. What's happening is our peer's children are players. It's already showing up. I obviously can't share with you the details but it is already showing up."

"I was kind of keeping my eye on it because it was such a great fit for me."

"We still have to release them and no one has been released. As you guys know there has been a conditional release but no one has been released. That could end up being something that we stick with. I don't know yet. That's going to be a decision of powers above me. I think Larry Davis is leaning toward Seton Hall. I know the New York papers are already reporting it, but that's not done yet."

"That's a key component from our administrative point of view. A conditional release, yes, but we're expecting you to at least meet your new head coach. We felt like that was fair in terms of what we were giving them and what we were asking of them."

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