MDC: McMillan Adding Offers

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- This weekend at the Nike Memorial Day Classic, Jamelle McMillan played very well. It's hard not to like such a fundamentally sound player. Plus he is bright, personable, and down-to-earth.

This weekend at the Nike Memorial Day Classic, Jamelle McMillan played very well. It's hard not to like such a fundamentally sound player. Plus he's bright, personable, and down-to-earth.

He really knows how to run his team. He's much different that AAU teammate, Isaiah Thomas, as they go about the game two very different ways.

"I'm not Isaiah Thomas... he's the one that throws it behind the back and between the legs and all that," McMillan said. "I keep it simple. If it's working I do it, if not I adjust. As long as it gets done and you're putting two or three points on the board every possession."

McMillan played well in his first game, but struggled to get a feel for the second game and ended up fouling out early on.

"Yesterday I came out here and started off pretty solid," he said. "I did what I like to do. I shot the jumper and played really well. I tweaked my ankle a little bit, and the second game was terrible. I fouled out within 10 minutes of the game and sat the whole second half, and it was a pretty disappointing night. We lost the game."

The loss must have motivated him, because on the second day of the Memorial Day Classic, McMillan really ran the show. He knocked down a few jumpers, and you could tell he has a great feel for what it takes to run a team.

Behind McMillan's strong effort, Friends of Hoop advanced to the semifinals of the Silver Division. His impressive AAU play has seen his recruitment skyrocket.

If Herb Sendek hadn't bolted to Arizona State, NC State would likely have a firm commitment from McMillan by now. However, Sendek did leave and that will make it a little tougher to get him to attend school in Raleigh, but it is obvious that the Wolfpack remains a major contender.

"I love that school," McMillan said of NC State. "It's a great program and in a great conference. It's a great atmosphere to be in. It's basically a matter of if they recruit me. They have to want me and feel that I'm in their coaching style."

New NC State head coach Sidney Lowe has yet to call McMillan, but he is busy right now trying to win a NBA Championship. Another factor that could eventually play into the equation is Lowe's relationship with Jamelle's father, former Wolfpack star and current Portland Trailblazer head coach Nate McMillan.

"Their new guy, Sidney Lowe, is a great guy and is best friends with my dad," the younger McMillan said. "They played at NC State together actually, and he's had a lot of success with the Pistons and he knows how to win."

But NC State isn't the only school pursuing the talented point guard prospect. McMillan continues to shine on the AAU circuit, and is adding scholarship offers along the way. Clemson, Georgia Tech, Illinois, Virginia, Arizona State, Oregon and Washington are all schools under consideration right now. With offers from the Wolfpack, Yellow Jackets, Tigers, and Sun Devils, McMillan is a priority and one of the fastest-rising point guard prospects.

He plays the game with pace and is a great distributor of the basketball. A true point guard, McMillan has great size for the position (6'3) and is an above-average athlete. He's a run-your-team type point guard and can excel in a variety of offensive systems.

The next few weeks could play a major role in where he decides to go. He has plans to visit Virginia, Georgia Tech and Arizona State soon. Arizona State head coach Herb Sendek has carried over his relationship with McMillan from when he was at NC State.

"I can't name a better guy or person," McMillan said of Sendek. "[He is the] nicest guy, and I've known him since I was little. And he brought his coaching staff with him, Archie Miller and Coach Phelps... all of those guys.

"It'd be tough to turn him down, and it'd be great to go there. I don't really know much about them though. They've struggled the past few years, but they have a nice future ahead of them."

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