Q&A: DE Travian Robertson

Defensive end Travian Robertson is a major in-state prospect for several programs. NC State has been heavily involved and looking to make up ground on childhood favorite, UNC. We've got the latest on his top schools and where the Wolfpack stands.

Scotland County defensive end Travian Robertson is one of North Carolina's premier defensive ends. He's already garnered several major scholarship offers despite missing nearly all of his junior season. Long considered a heavy UNC lean, articles have surfaced recently suggesting Robertson has taken a more open stance to his recruitment. Pack Pride talked with the 4-star defender this past weekend.

How is the rehab coming along with your knee?

"My knee is doing real good right now. I just don't want to push stuff. The doctor released me but I asked them what they wanted me to do and they just let me know what I can and can't do. I'm doing real good. I'm just working on it one step at a time, just taking it easy."

Can you update us on your scholarship offers?

"Tennessee, Virginia Tech, Clemson, NC State, South Carolina, UNC"

UNC has been a big school on your list all along. What's your thoughts on the Heels currently?

"I've still got UNC in mind. But once I went to see other stuff, I saw other things I started getting interested in. But I've still got UNC in mind. They won't ever get off my list. As of right now, I'm starting to see more interesting stuff by just going around and more important stuff like academics, playing time and all this."

Who are your top schools right now?

"I like State and South Carolina. I like (North) Carolina. Those are the teams I can speak for as far as where I've been so I can't speak about a team like Virginia Tech but I've liked what I've seen of them on TV. But the ones I'm looking at right now real hard is South Carolina and NC State."

Can you talk a little bit about each of your top schools?

"State is a big defensive program. Coach Amato, he's all about defensive ends off the corner and that's my position so I want to go where ever defensive ends are a big part."

"As far as South Carolina, they're building a program and they need defensive ends. As far as watching them practice, I see I could probably help them out."

"With (North) Carolina, I love their program. I grew up liking Carolina. If I do stay in-state it's probably going to be NC State or Carolina but if I go out of state, it'll probably be South Carolina and I still have to check other out of state schools."

Has recruiting become stressful for you?

"Yeah. It's like different coaches call like three times a day. It's better going there than them calling every five minutes. I would rather go there and talk to them than texting or talking to them on the phone because you got other things to do like homework or whatever, instead of talking to coaches like an hour at a time."

When do you think you will get recruiting behind you?

"I've got to get it over before my senior season because I don't want to go through all this. It'll be more offers coming. Don't get me wrong, I love the offers. It's a good situation to be in but you got to go ahead and do what you got to do because you don't want to go into your senior year stressed out. I'm probably about a month away (from committing) right now. I've still got a couple more trips I've got to take."

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