Shakur sees limited action at Big Time

Mustafa Shakur, a 6-3 point guard from Wynnwood (Friends Central), Pa., is the top-rated point guard in the Class of 2003. You don't have to take my word for it, just ask any other coach or recruiting analyst sitting in the bleachers watching the Las Vegas Big Time Tournament. Everyone agrees.

Doug Carr *

Because of an injury, Shakur played only briefly in Monday's early game, a 70-49 blow out win over Salt Lake Metro, and didn't play at all in the evening contest.

"I have a hip pointer that's really hurting me," Sharkur said. "It happened at the ABCD Camp. I just fell on it and I didn't want anyone to know I was hurting so I just kept playing on it. When I came home I kept playing in pick up games and I fell on it a couple times, so it got even worse. I tired to go on it today, but it didn't work."

Shakur played only a short time, but it was obvious why everyone is so high on him.

Shakur's 6-3 frame gives him great court vision, and he sees everything. He seldom misses the opportunity to get the ball to a player in scoring position. But his long body does not hinder his ability to get into the lane. He's deceptively quick and seems to glide from one spot on the court to another. Then, when he sees an opportunity to penetrate, he puts into another gear, blows past his defender and darts toward the hoop.

He said after the evening game, a contest his team lost, that he would try to play again Tuesday.

"I talked to the doctor and he told me to stay off it for a week and rest it," Shakur said after his team lost to Southeast Pump & Run. "(The doctor) told me I could play, but he told me it would only hurt more. I'm going to try to play (Tuesday). I'm going to continue soaking it in ice and do anything I can so I can play."

Being one of the nation's top players is not easy. The phone rings constantly at his home in Pennsylvania, but being on the road traveling from summer camp to summer camp can offer a nice escape.

"(The phone calls) are getting tiresome," he said. "But I'm not at home much, so I don't hear the phone ringing. Everybody tells me they've been calling, its just part of the process and something you have to learn to handle.

North Carolina State, Arizona, North Carolina and Villanova are considered the leaders. But Shakur says he's also looking at Syracuse and UConn. He says he'll choose a school this fall and sign during the November signing period. Two visits are certain.

"I know I'll be going to North Carolina State and Arizona," Shakur said. "I think I'm going to Arizona for Midnight Madness. None of the other visits are set up yet."

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