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RALEIGH, NC -- Several Wolfpack players met with the media following NC State's first practice of the season. Here is a sampler of what they had to say.

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    Anthony Hill (1:43)

    "I expect to come in and play my role and be a big part in this Wolfpack offense. I plan on coming in and making some big plays and making some key blocks for those two big-time running backs that we have."

    "I'll be more on the line of scrimmage, blocking more and getting more balls thrown to me."

    "He's a good, hard-working guy. I don't know how much experience that he has at tight end, but as far as his work ethic, he's going to give 100%."

    "We always hang out. We go eat... just hang out. That's not my quarterback, that's my friend."

    Reggie Davis (1:18)

    "It's a pretty hard learning curve because when I was at running back it was easy... I knew the plays."

    "I wanted to help the team and better my chances of getting to the league."

    "I'm just here to help my team win. My freshman year I sacrificed for the team, and I'll do it again. I'm just a team player."

    Leroy Harris (5:57)

    "We've got guys that can bounce around a little bit."

    "It looks better now. We're starting to get a second line once we get Kalani back."

    "It makes everybody feel good. Stone has a lot of confidence in us with making calls."

    "The sky's the limit for big Curt. He's got unbelievable athleticism for [being] 330 [pounds]."

    "Two years down the line, that right side is going to be massive. It's going to be a strong, quick and athletic side of the line."

    Darrell Blackman (1:36)

    "I feel they were on key with what they had to do today."

    "They are going to have us out there doing the screen plays a lot."

    "The toughest with the change... learning the keys to the receiver position."

    Raymond Brooks (2:04)

    "That's my goal... that's my dream. I'm just working hard to get there."

    "I got caught up in the college life a little bit, partying too much and my grades fell off. I had to work hard. I had to pass 18 credit hours in the spring so I could get eligible... that's why I didn't play in the spring game. I passed those 18 and I passed another two classes in the summer and now I'm eligible. I'm back."

    "It feels great. I just couldn't wait to get back out here and start practicing."

    "I think we should be alright."

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