All the Buzz on Reyshawn Terry

NC State Target gets the TSW Buzz!

TSW continues to look at the Buzz for 2003 recruiting targets. The Wolfpack's search for another versatile wing player may end with (6'6" 210) Reyshawn Terry.

Reyshawn made huge strides in the eyes of recruiting experts and helped his team win the 2002 State Championship last spring. Since then Reyshawn has continued to improve, yet we are not hearing the flurry of reports on his progress as we did this time last year. Perhaps he got off to a bad start at the Boo Williams, when he had an intestinal virus and did not play that well (stat line for a Staurday game read two points (shooting 1-for-5), three rebounds, two assists and two blocks - ending with a technical foul and he then fouled out). "That's just not the same kid," analyst Dave Telep muttered, having raved about Terry several weeks ago at the state championship game. "

It was believed that Terry was all but wrapped up by UNC in March, but somehow UNC and Terry never came together. Since, it is now reported that NC State is among the leaders with UNC not even being mentioned at this point.

Terry is rated as a 4 star recruit and the 13th best SF in the nation by The Insiders. He is also ranked as the 63rd best player overall from the Class of 2003 by Prep Stars. ESPN has Reyshawn ranked as the 13th best small forward and the 57th best overall in the nation. He made Honorable Mention for the All Southern Team as a Junior. He also was named to the Second Team All State as a Junior.

BSA Sports
6/13/02- Nice player. Good size. Athletic. Can put it on the floor and slash to the hole. Potential to be big time prospect.

Thom Jones *
4/30/02- Reyshawn Terry didn't have his best game for the first three quarters in the Kappa Magic victory over the Red Storm. But down the stretch, he showed why he is an elite player. He made big play after big play, culminating in his defensive rebound off a Red Strom free throw miss, then dribble penetration and dish to Chris Gaynor for the game-winning layup. Terry played flawlessly in the fourth quarter and came up big for Kappa.

Rob Matera *
4/12/02- Great size for the wing. Smooth. Excellent athlete and a terrific leaper. Good form on jump shot. Inconsistent from beyond the arc. Can defend the post or the perimeter. Exciting finisher in transition. Poor man's Carmelo Anthony. High major prospect.

Chris Paul *
3/26/02- There isn't enough that I can say about Reyshawn Terry. We brought Rey on to our AAU team last year and he was a huge addition. Rey and I had always knew of each other and played against each other, but it wasn't until last year when we became real close. Rey is just like one of my brothers, along with the rest of my AAU teammates. Rey's game has developed so much over the course of one year. But Rey is special. Rey has some unbelievable talent for his height. He has that desire to win just like I do.

Dave Telep *
3/16/02- Terry, a midseason transfer from Glenn, could very well be the best junior in the state of North Carolina. His size, athleticism and defensively ability will have high-major programs rushing to watch him in action for the Kappa Magic this spring and summer.

Rob Matera *
3/11/02- Terry is a super-athletic wing player with the size to play forward and the ability to play guard at the high major level.

Coach Andre Gould
1/01/02- "He can jump, he's quick, and rebounding-wise, he is very instinctive," West said. "He's so athletic that you see a lot of stuff in practice that you expect to see at some point in a game, but he came in, and fit in with the team, and wanted to be a part off the team, not the team."

Dave Telep *
3/08/02- The 190-pounder is agile and athletic. He's as long as he is tall. He rebounds because he's willing and because he can. He didn't make threes in this one, but we've seen him make them before and he has that range. His long frame and arms will contribute to him being a terrific defender who'll generate a lot of steals.

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