Q&A With Geron James

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State will be counting on redshirt freshman wide receiver Geron James to step up this season, and he is ready for the challenge.

NC State will be counting on redshirt freshman wide receiver Geron James to step up this season, and he is ready for the challenge. James spoke briefly with Pack Pride following practice and here is a sampler of what he had to say.

How do you feel about yourself on the field right now?
I [feel] good about it, and I've got my confidence back over the last two practices.

Coach Amato said it's important that you stay on track because they need you.
Yes sir. I'm trying to stay on track and build up some more confidence so I can get on that field.

What's up with the Wilmington connection? There are five guys from Wilmington playing here at NC State.
Yes it is five guys. I don't know, it's just Wilmington is really stepping up. The last player that came out of Wilmington [was Alge] Crumpler, he plays with the Falcons, and he played at Hanover. Wilmington is stepping up.

Did you talk to any other guys for advice when looking where to go to school?
Just growing up, being a Tar Heel fan or being a State fan, when you come here you see the facilities and everything like that. The red just catches you. Powder blue, it's okay... but the red.

"I've got my confidence back over the last two practices."

You grew up a UNC fan?
Yes, I was a Tar Heel fan first, but after I got older I started to look at State because they went to the Tangerine Bowl, they had Philip Rivers. They had these wide receivers coming out... Jerricho Cotchery, [Torry] Holt... you've got [Koren] Robinson. I kind of looked at that, and I saw that they had more to offer me, passing-wise.

You grew up a Carolina fan, are you starting to hate the Tar Heels everyday a little bit more?
Coach Amato, he says you're going to learn to hate them... you're going to learn to hate them.

Are you the tallest wide receiver?
No, there's one 6'6... we call him D-D. One of the new wide receivers, he's 6'6 and 206 pounds.

Seems like there are a lot of tall wide receivers at NC State.
We are starting to recruit taller wide receivers with speed. We've really found out that's pretty much the key. Tramain, he was an awesome wide receiver at 5'10, but right now we want to throw the fade balls so we are recruiting taller wide receivers.

What do you think of the three freshmen wideouts?
I think they are good. They are excellent. Coming in, I didn't think they were going to do as well, get into the rhythm of our practice, but they are out there going at it. When we get tired they are coming in, they are coming in for us. They know the plays.

All of them are telling me that they love it. They love going into the meetings and learning plays. I feel good about it. Maybe one or two of them will play this year.

Which one of them has impressed you the most?
Donald Bowens. He has really... he's a great wide receiver. He's focused, he concentrates on the ball a lot, and he's got good hands... good speed too.

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