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RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Chuck Amato met with the media following the first scrimmage.

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    Chuck Amato (6:24)

    "It was an okay first scrimmage. The weather helped because it was long."

    "We didn't have a lot of penalties, and we didn't turn the ball over... we turned the ball over three times the whole scrimmage. Two of those were fumbles... one on the goalline. So that's a positive thing."

    "We just aren't tough enough yet. We're just not nasty enough, mean enough. We've got to do a better job of tackling on defense."

    "Our backs... I hope our backs are as good against everybody else and especially in the first game of the year as they are against the defense. They rambled for a lot of yards."

    "Offensively our quarterbacks are coming along. They really are."

    "I'm concerned about the line of scrimmage, I'm concerned about tackling, I really am."

    "We're going to have to learn to cover a lot longer this year than we have the last couple of years."

    "Our backs... they're tough."

    "We did enough good things to be encouraged, but there are some things that time will help."

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