Quotables: Andre Brown and Toney Baker

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Toney Baker and Andre Brown were the stars of NC State's scrimmage and the duo met with the media following the first scrimmage of the fall.

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    Tailback Toney Baker
    Looks like you had a strong day running the ball with eight carries for 152 yards and a touchdown.
    Really? Wow. The line did a great job. They came out, they were hungry to block, and they got the job done.

    Coach Amato mentioned that you and Andre may be the two toughest players on the team right now. What are your thoughts on that?
    I think that's a fair assumption. We're both hard-nosed runners, and we're both tough. Our whole defense is tough if you ask me, and our offensive line is sticking in there pretty good. I'd say that's a fair assumption.

    How do you think you and Andre are working together in the backfield?
    I think we are working very well together. We both have accepted our roles, as far as how much I carry the rock and how much he carries the rock. We block for each other. We're going to make it happen.

    Do you notice a difference in your game after a full year in college with spring ball and summer workouts?
    Oh yea, a big difference. This is really my first year of going through the summer with the weight program. I got my weight back to my high school weight, around 218, and I feel really good.

    What did you play at as a freshman?
    Last year I was around 230. I feel so much better now, and I kept my strength from last year. I'm moving pretty good.

    How are the quarterbacks coming along?
    I think they are coming along real good. Marcus is getting more comfortable each day, he's coming along, and we've got some young receivers that are going to be real good. I think our passing game will be a lot better this year.

    Tailback Andre Brown
    What you like about your offensive line?
    I love those big nasty guys. You've got to. Those are the guys that will lead us to the championship.

    Coach Amato mentioned that you and Toney may be the two toughest players on the team right now. What are your thoughts on that?
    I'll take pride in saying that we are. We are out there, grinding it out, but we've got to give a lot of credit to the offensive line. They are still out here running, still trying to get better, and we're just following those guys. They open the holes, and we run behind them.

    How do you feel the offensive line is coming along?
    With the more reps we get... we'll get even better. You've got big Lee up there, he's guiding them. You've got Newby and you've got Curtis. Then you've got the young guys. Lee is on those guys. He's on Jerrail and Curtis and teaching those guys what they need to do. That's what we need, we need that leadership.

    Toney said he is slimmer than he was last year. Can you tell a difference?
    He's way quicker. When we first reported, 'Bake' was probably about 227 and now he's 218. We both want to be a little quicker, and we're out here pushing each other. We want to go out there and be Toney Baker and Andre Brown... get that comparison to a Reggie and Lendale or Ronnie and Cadillac.

    How is the chemistry between you two guys?
    It's great. I don't need 32 carries and neither does 'Bake.' I couldn't give you as much on my 32nd carry as 'Bake' can on his first carry. We went in and talked about it, and we're just going to explode. We don't need a thousand carries.

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