Media Day: Chuck Amato Audio + Quotes

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Wolfpack head coach Chuck Amato met with the media at the Wolfpack's media day.

Chuck Amato (37:50)

Scrimmage Thoughts:
In the fall we go ones against twos for a reason and the ones did what they were suppose to do yesterday. They dominated... the one offense scored everytime it was in there, and when we were moving the football the one defense didn't allow any scores. That's really the way it's supposed to be.

Thoughts on Leroy Harris playing center or guard:
I wish we had two of him and then I could put one at center and one at guard and we wouldn't have to answer that. I think he's an exceptional player wherever he's at. I really think he's an outstanding player at guard, and at center because he's the focal point, he's making calls, and he's so valuable there.

Thoughts on offensive line:
We're going to evaluate it, and we're going to get the best five linemen and put them in the best positions we can when it's all said and done.

Thoughts on Kalani Heppe's injury and impact on Harris:
He's got a hamstring muscle that has been bothering him.

If Kalani doesn't get back soon, and it's not his fault that he has a pulled hamstring, and it looks pretty good the other way around, we'll go with it because Luke would have earned it if in fact he's doing the job there. He looked pretty good yesterday.

How has Justin Burke looked?
The first couple of days he was nervous, and yesterday he did some awfully good things.

He stood in there, he's got a lot of poise for a young kid, he's very smart, he's got a quick release, and everyday he gets better and better and better. Really, all of them have done a good job thus far in one week.

Thoughts on Anthony Hill's progress:
I think the progress Anthony Hill made was last year when he showed people that he is a player. Playing behind a very good player, and all you've got to do is look at statistics and see what I like about tight ends.

Thoughts on Harrison Beck:
He's here. He's got to go through an acclimization period. Obviously he's going to have to sit out a year. He's in shape, that's for sure.

We recruited him before. We liked him then, and he called us. We were sitting here with three quarterbacks because Mike Greco has gone to junior college. Not that [Beck] can do anything this year, but you need more than three. You really do.

So, it will be interesting... you know the one thing that is in his favor is the terminology that he learned out at the University of Nebraska is probably 95% of what the terminology is we use here. Both of them are the same playbook.

We're glad to have him.

Thoughts on defense:
Let's call it like it is, we're not going to be as good as we were on defense the last two years... three of the last four years. We're not going to be as good as we were. It's that simple. How bad we're going to be, how good we're going to be... time will tell.

We've got youngsters that can run, and if you can run and you're on your feet you've got a chance. If we'll just continue to play smart.

Yesterday, I'm going to hate to say it, it was without a doubt the fewest number of penalties we've had in a first scrimmage since I've been here. We only had the whole scrimmage, I think there were two fumbles that the offense lost and one interception for the whole scrimmage.

These young men have learned how to protect the football. Toney Baker is not going to lose his job because he puts the ball on the ground. That's not to say it won't happen if someone whacks him really good, but people that are tackling Toney are going to get it back pretty good too.

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