Media Day: Justin Burke Audio + Quotes

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State freshman Justin Burke met with the media today and here is a sample of what the quarterback had to say.

Justin Burke (18:32)

How do you feel in the offense?
Well, I've been immersed in it since February, when they sent me some of their spring insulation, but since I've got here it's been a different experience trying to learn the offense.

What's been the most challenging aspect?
It's a lot. The biggest change is really the verbal part of it. The vernacular and all of that is just completely different than what I experienced at the high school level. I knew that coming in, and it's been as difficult as they said, but as you get to continue to practice and the more reps you get the easier it is.

How much time did you spend on a regular basis learning the offense over the summer?
I tried to do as much as possible. I had classes in the morning, weightlifting was at 2 o'clock, and from there on it was pretty much 2-6...7 o'clock. I tried to get as much as possible.

Has there been any talk of redshirting?
At this point we have not discussed redshirting. We're only a week into practice. Coach Trestman and I have not talked about that, we're just all trying to get a lot better right now. We'll see how we progress at the end of this camp, and we'll see where we're at there.

How do you feel about your play in the first scrimmage?
I thought it went well. I'm a guy that likes to kind of control and be a general on the field, and I thought I could do that a little bit yesterday. You're only good as the guys around you. They played really well.

Overall I thought the people around me performed excellent, and therefore I was able to be comfortable around all that.

Thoughts on the summer:
I got a good feeling about this place more than any other place. What's been so nice about the summer is that it has really confirmed my thoughts that this is the right place for me. There's no doubt about it.

Thoughts on the quarterback situation:
The quarterback situation right now is obviously Marcus is the guy. It's his job right now, but it's the first week. We're all still working real hard, we're getting reps, and just trying to get a lot better. We haven't been told anything about any of that, redshirting or anything like that. No information has been told to me. We're just trying to focus on getting better individually and getting better as a team.

Do you have some goals?
Yes. I think my biggest goal is just trying to get this offense down. Obviously there is a competitive attitude, but there is going to be a competitive attitude no matter what. Whether you're first or fifth-string, everybody is going to try to get better. My biggest thing is to try and come in here, try to learn the offense, get a good chemistry with the guys, and just try to set a foundation so I can continue my growth in football.

The hype of being the next Philip Rivers. Have you heard it?
I think Philip made a huge mark on this university. Anytime somebody with such a great ability like that, everything that he earned, it's going to leave a mark. I think the biggest thing Philip Rivers left here is an expectation for success.

That's really what we need here. We need to feel like we need to go out, win an ACC championship and win ballgames. Obviously it's on the quarterback too, but he's left that on the entire team.

That really helps a team to drive on because they feel as if he set that bar high. Try and get out of the shadow, only because you want to exceed what he did.

Individually, I don't feel any of that at all. He's doing well in the NFL right now, but he's graduated and moved on, and we're trying to start our own thing here. Marcus will tell you that too.

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