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RALEIGH, N.C. -- Wolfpack head coach Chuck Amato met with the media following Saturday's scrimmage.

Chuck Amato (6:04)

Opening Thoughts:
It was a longer scrimmage. The ones did what they were suppose to do. On offense they scored everytime they were out there against the two defense. The one defense stopped the two offense. It's suppose to be that way. That's why they are ones and the others are twos.

On goalline, this is an everyday occurance, the last time we did it, the offense whacked the defense, this time the defense whacked the offense.

Toney Baker's got a little bit... and I held him out, I don't even think I put him in there to be honest with you, but I just wanted to take precaution. It's nothing serious. You know what he can do... that's for sure. He's got a little bit of an ankle [injury] that happened yesterday. It's nothing serious... I want him two weeks from today. He could have gone.. he's kind of a little upset at me so don't talk to him because he might say something he'll regret on Monday.

We had a couple too many penalties... our nemesis... holding on offense and offsides on the defense. The only positive is they weren't to the starters. They were just some young kids.

Marcus Stone had a tipped pass. It was a catch and the kid tipped it, and it ended up being intercepted. He really only had one interception. Marcus moved the team... we played smart. He really has good control of the team, and the team has a lot of faith in him... there's no doubt about it.

Daniel [Evans] did a good job. Daniel did a good job.

Justin Burke... Justin saw a different defense this week. He was going against the threes last week, and this week he was going against the ones. A lot different... a lot different, which was good though. He's got a bright future in front of him. Are you getting a better feel for the new rules?
Everytime something comes up that we can put into our bank and it can help us in a situation to where we can take advantage of it I [write it down]. I try to get a list of things that we can use to our advantage.

It's getting so long now I need someone to put it online I guess. What is it? MyFace or YourSpace? MyKisser I guess. Thoughts on Jamelle Eugene:
I thought he did pretty good. I don't know his final production, but it seemed awfully good. It seemed awfully good. I bet he had a lot of yards when you add up the runs and the passes.

He's really a good back. It's good to have somebody like him. He can go in a few different spots too. What did the defense do differently?
Last week the results were the same, but they were a little more intense this time. Again, they are suppose to win if they are going against the twos. Like they did last week.

How do you feel about the offensive line's progression and the depth?
I like what's coming along. I really do. They are a group that is really tight. They are really close, and the chemistry looks like it's getting good. The backups, we're like everybody else. Pray that nobody gets hurt, but that doesn't mean there's not quality...somebody that can go in. It's just maybe that one guy can go a couple of positions to help us out.

Who are some of your versatile players on the offensive line?
Meares Green... Leroy can play a couple of spots. Julian Williams can play a couple of spots, and when Heppe comes back.

What were you pleased with the most?
I was pleased with the fact the ones did what they were suppose to. The ones won what they were suppose to win. We had a lot of situations, third and shorts... third and longs where the one offense won and the one defense won.

We were the worst team in America, minus two, in third-down conversions last year.

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