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RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Chuck Amato met with the media following Tuesday's practice.

Chuck Amato (6:03)

Thoughts Jamelle Eugene and his fall play:
He adds depth. Quality, quality depth and another playmaker. The more playmakers we can get on the field the better off we are.

In what ways is Marcus Stone better this year?
Confidence... relief... a 5-1 record under his belt. He has a total knowledge of what is going on.

How important is it for that unit to move the chains? Last year they scored on some big plays but third-down conversations was an issue.
You think? An issue... you were kind. You were very kind, and I thank you for that. It wasn't an issue it was a problem. We've got to move the chains. You can answer your own question there. There's no doubt about that.

Have you see anything this fall to suggest the unit will be able to move the chains?
I've seen them move the chains, I'm just concerned about whether they are moving it against an inferior defense or if they can move it against everybody.

How many questions with the offense have been answered and what have you seen overall from practice?
I've seen a lot of good competition. Come Thursday we'll give you a depth chart, and that's a depth chart as of right now and that might not be... The best thing we've got is we've got competition at a lot of positions. We've got some freshmen that are getting involved with it. That's it in general really.

Has Marcus found a comfort zone or a main target on the outside?
Yes, the guy that is open.

Can he find him? Can he deliver the ball?
Yes, the guy that's open, and I've told you he has improved.

Thoughts on attending campus events/other NC State athletic events:
I go to everything. I've seen every sport played here since I've been here at least once a year with one exception. I'm somebody that likes to be seen even though you're going to talk about the funny clothes I wear.

Obviously there has to be a talent dropoff on defense, what about the aggressiveness and the attitude?
Boy that's a good statement. Obviously there is a talent dropoff on defense.

Right now it's up and down. There's talent there... they're inexperienced. Some days it's there and somedays it's there.

Just like it happened three years ago when all of that talent was freshmen. They were talented but inexperienced. Youth and ambition has got to take over.

How does the running game look?
Very good... again I don't know if it's relevant or not.

How important is it to have someone like Lamart Barrett out there?
I think the seniors... they are the ones that have got to lead the team. The seniors have to play the best football of their career to have a good football team. I think it's big... really big.

After the Wake Forest game it seems you changed the offense and wanted to mash people on the line of scrimmage. Will you look to do the same this year??
We didn't necessarily change the offense... we changed our approach to the game. We did things our people could manage under those situations.

In the second half of the season we were 5-1 because we were positive in the turnover margin and our penalties per game was I think six. That was the biggest thing in the world, and we've got to continue that.

How important the running game to Marcus?
It means an awful lot. They won't be coming at him every daggone snap. The better we can run, the better things can happen.

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