PC: Marcus Stone and Pat Lowery

RALEIGH, NC -- NC State's Marcus Stone and Pat Lowery met with the media today to discuss the season opener.

Marcus Stone and Pat Lowery Audio (16:35)

Quarterback Marcus Stone
How has camp gone for you?
Camp this year has gone really well for me. The experience of just getting out there and practicing with this unit and getting more reps with coach Trestman, I feel really good about this camp.

What does the split-back set change in the offense?
It helps out a lot I feel because of you have those talented backs behind you the defense has to respect that. They are going to have to bring more people in the box and it will allow us to go vertical a little more.

Thoughts on the young receivers:
They are a great bunch of kids. I saw that back in July when they arrived on campus. They are hard workers, and they want to learn everyday. You can tell that on the field. They listen to the veterans. They have tall bodies with long reaches, and they make plays on the field.

How much better do you think you are as a passer?
Any quarterback will tell you that you throw with your feet. One thing I worked with over the summer was my footwork. Last year, if you watch the tape, my feet was all over the place in the pocket, just jittery. With a better knowledge of the offense, I can relax in the pocket.

Linebacker Pat Lowery
Will the defense remain in attack mode?
Oh yea, I don't think that will ever change... for the simple fact, that's our philosophy.

I think we're still going to be in attack mode, just as much as last year and the year before.

Thoughts on App. State:
They are a hard-nosed group. They are going to make you stop the run, and if you don't they are going to run it fifty times a game until you do.

Thoughts on freshmen linebackers:
This year we've got a great class because we have a position for all three. It's great they can come in together because they are going to be the future NC State linebackers. All three bring something different to the table.

You've got Cedric Hickman... the guy looks like a senior. He's 6'1, 240... runs fast... just the prototypical linebacker.

Nate Irving, another freshman. He sees things so well. When you're a freshman linebacker seeing stuff like that, it's going to improve over time. You can't teach stuff like that. When he's a senior, it will be unreal how good he is.

You've got John Ware, maybe an undersized guy but he flies to the ball. He gets there with a bad attitude.

They have taken on the playbook well, and they might be able to help us this year.

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