PC: Amato Talks Football

RALEIGH, NC -– NC State head coach Chuck Amato met the media today to discuss the Wolfpack's season opener. Here's the audio from Amato's meeting with the media.

Chuck Amato Audio (27:05)

Thoughts on Pat Lowery's toughness:
Yea, absolutely. He's tough. Look at him up here, he looked like daggone Dick Butkus with his head shaved and his thick neck. He's tough. He's smart. His daddy is a coach, and he coached him right.

Boy, has he been good for this program. The only thing I wish he would have done was go out for wrestling. I think he would have won a conference championship in wrestling.

More thoughts on winning:I know some people don't like the fact that I enjoy life for myself, my team, and this university. But this is my family. My expectations for my children were that high.

Why shoot for here, you miss it and you're in the gutter? I was glad to hear what Pat said. We expect to win every game, every year.

Thoughts on Marcus Stone and the offense:
He knew the offense better than he says, but experience. Experience. Remember the first story you did when you were a beat writer. Was that the best you've ever written or was there some mispelled words?

Thoughts on the defense:
It's not that one is more dominant than the other. You get sacks because of coverage. You get interceptions because of the pressure on the quarterback. We'll find out real soon on [the defensive backs]. We only lost one back there.

Miguel Scott is splitting time with Garland Heath. What prompted that change?
The safeties are interchangable, but there's competition.

Everyday they've got to go out and compete or someone is going to get promoted. That's competition. That's competition. They better get their motor running. That competition helps them to go out and practice hard everyday.

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