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RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Chuck Amato met with the media following Tuesday's practice.

Chuck Amato (7:34)

During recruiting you mentioned getting all those running backs on the field. According to the depth chart, four are in the starting lineup. You found a way.
Yea, I just hope that they can go out there and do what their abilities allow them to do. I told you we'd do it without getting in the wishbone. Don't be surprised.

Have you been pleased with those guys that did make moves?
Yes. Darrell [Blackman]... he has been a charm. Reggie [Davis], he didn't make the move until three days before spring was over. Now he can kick himself in the butt for not doing it sooner because he's got the tools, but he's going to be inexperienced.

If you want to do something, go look up all of the games that their players have started on their starting lineups, and compare it to the number of games that we have people starting. They've got a lot of experience, and that is so important.

I wish we could have done that to Reggie... if I could have convinced him two or three years ago. He's going to be fine. They are going to be fine. They've got a lot of ambition.

If you know how to win you know how to win. It's something they've done.
You are exactly right. Success breed success. Lord only knows they had it last year, and people still recognize that. They've got 18 starters returning out of a possible 24. That's a lot, and their ring says national champion.

How good is Marques Murrell?
Speed and quickness. He's awfully fast and awfully quick. He's sudden in how he does things. He plays fast and he plays hard.

What is your strategy with scheduling the 12th game and who you play?
You look at every team in our league and look at every team in the Southeastern Conference, and I think you can answer your own question on that 12th game.

The whole thing is winning. Scheduling is a big part of that.

How much say so does a player have in your program about positions?
I'm going to listen to them. My players have a lot [of say]. If I recruited you, I'd have told you that you would play offensive end of the bench until either you graduated, went to the NFL, or asked me to move you. I'm not going to lie to you about that. I'm not a very good liar.

How tough is it to convince a guy to move? Especially from a star position like running back to defense.
Well, linebacker is not exactly an un-starred position. They make quite a bit of money and last a little bit longer than running backs do. It's difficult. The youngster has been carrying the leather all of his life and then tell him to play fullback or go play linebacker. He is a good football player. He's tough, smart. You'd like to do everything you can to help him.

The big thing is they are all happy when they play, and morale is an important thing.

We haven't seen Marcus a lot, but it looks like he's carrying the ball differently. Have you worked with him on that?
We worked with him on his fundamentals... like we have every other position, but we've worked on his fundamentals really, really hard since the bowl game.

He's conscious of his footwork, he's conscious of planting his feet, he's conscious of protecting the ball, he's conscious of stepping into his reads, he's consciousof carrying the ball a little higher, he's conscious of stepping through and finishing his throw. Every now and then it goes... but the people up in the NFL do that too.

He's so aware of it. We're tickled of the advancements he's made at this point.

Thoughts on Jerry Moore at App. State:
He's worked at it in a league that they've been able to compete with the teams in that league. He's a daggone good football coach. Period.

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