Monday PC: Amato Talks Akron

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Chuck Amato discusses the upcoming game against Akron with the media.

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    Chuck Amato Audio (40:34)

    Thoughts on Akron's offense:
    We've seen their quarterback run, but he's awfully good throwing it. He's a big-league quarterback.

    They've got their whole offensive line back basically. They've got two tights ends that are bigger than Anthony Hill. There's an awful lot of experience there to help him out.

    Thoughts on Marcus Stone:
    I thought Marcus did a good job. He had the biggest play in the game in my opinion... he had a touchdown-saving tackle. That play was huge.

    He did much better than he had a year ago. He stayed in the pocket a lot more.

    We're pleased, and again that youngster is 6-1 as a starter. He's so critical of himself. He was in there earlier today watching film, and he said, "I stunk."

    We've got a lot of work in front of us.

    Thoughts on the offensive line:
    We had one sack. That's when Marcus scrambled and run out of bounds. We didn't like that because he could have probably got a first down on that one.

    I thought for the first game... I was concerned. That #44... I really like their defensive line. They really looked good. 44... in that conference he had 13 sacks last year.

    Are you concerned with only have 36 yards passing?
    We did some things. When we got a good lead, I felt really good about the kicking game and defense, and I said, "let's work on the running game. Let's work on the running game."

    You've got to be able to throw... there's going to become a point when you're going to have to throw the football. You're exactly correct, but a concern? No. Not at all.

    Thoughts on Reggie Davis:
    He did what we thought would happen. He was overzealous at times. I'll tell you what, he's got some stuff. I think his learning curve is going to continue to rise.

    He's a physical young man, and he can fly. He can run for a big person, and he's learning the position.

    Thoughts on Levin Neal:
    We thought he played awfully well. There's so much technique involved when we play bump-and-run.

    He has the ability to be an awfully good corner. He's quick, and he's very strong.

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