Amato: Getsy's a Typical Mid-American QB

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Chuck Amato met with the media following Tuesday's practice.

Chuck Amato (7:27)

Thoughts on new rule where fifth-year seniors can transfer after graduating without sitting out:
You can't do anything about it. It has nothing to do with college coaches. The rules say that if I graduate and I have a year of eligibility left after my fifth year, I can go anywhere in the country. It has nothing to do with us releasing him from what I understand.

We're getting into free agency in college football. Is that what we want to do?

I told you before. I think it stinks. That's just my opinion.

Would you rather play at noon on a small TV network like ESPNU or have a game later in the day that would be better for the fans or the team?
Television dictates it all. It's an element we can't do anything about.

But, if three extra people watch the Wolfpack play football, it's a plus for us. It's a plus for us. We have to play the game anyway.

You know what, I hope it's 100 degrees on Saturday, because the team we play is from Ohio and maybe they won't be used to it. We'll probably give them a good southern hospitality... it will probably be about 72 with no humidity.

Is it important to reveal your playbook week-by-week?
I think you have to. It's called self-scouting...everybody does it. Everybody self-scouts themselves in everything they do. I would think.

I ask my coaches all the time, "What have we found out about ourselves?"

That's why you might run the same play out of four different formations but it's the same formula for the players running the play, and in doing so, they don't have to learn a new assignment. They may have to learn a new alignment. I think everyone does that.

Thoughts on Pat Lowery and the 'SAM' linebackers:
Well our 'SAM' linebacker didn't play a lot in that game, between Martin and LeRue, because of the four wide receivers they played most of the game. We played an awful lot of nickel, so 'SAM' was standing on the sideline.

Lowery really plays smart. Obviously he has to, but he does. He's got good instincts, and he really played smart. He had a few too many missed tackles.

Does what Akron does change what you do as opposed to the gameplan with ASU?
They are two different teams. Appalachian came in here with a two-man option out of the shotgun and weren't going to throw it a lot, and this team is going to be just the other way around... probably.

They've got a quarterback who is a good one. He's a typical Mid-American quarterback. You can name the Mid-American quarterbacks right now that are in the NFL and playing a lot. For some reason, that league attracts them, the guys that can throw... this youngster can throw.

Any change on the status of A.J. Davis?
I really don't. We said it was questionable, and we'll update that come Friday.

If he can't play, we'll have to put someone else in there. What are you going to do? I'm not going to cry over it and ask someone to give me sympathy about anything. You won't anyways, and neither will they.

We hope we have him, but time will tell.

Do you think you need to pass more this week or try harder to keep the ball and keep them off the field?
That's not a bad idea, let me write that one down. Let's try harder to keep them off the field. The best defense is a good offense.

We know what we have to do in certain situations. People are going to put an awful lot of guys up there in the box, and we feel comfortable we can when we need to.

What are you expecting from Akron on defense?
They play that 3-by-3, and they have all kinds of combinations. They'll move one up every now and then to have a down lineman. They can come at you in a lot of different angles. They can mess up protections.

Yesterday you said you sometimes have a quarterback that can come in and has it. If Justin Burke was pressed into duty this weekend, how comfortable would you be with him going in the game and throwing down the field?
Justin is awfully smart. He's grasped the offense, and he's shown that he can do some real good things. I'll tell you what the other guy is Daniel [Evans]. Daniel has done a good job. Daniel has had a good preparation for this season. He really has.

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