Pack Pride's Fab 40 Prospects

Pack Pride breaks down 40 of NC State's elite prospects and ranks them according to their interest in the Wolfpack. We evaluate each player's top schools as well as where the Pack fits in. We also look at where each player is likely to make an official visit.

Pack Pride presents The Top 40 List. This feature gives a detailed listing of players interested in NC State and they are ranked according to their interest in the Wolfpack based on information gathered by the staff at Pack Pride. This list is in no way connected with any actual recruiting list of the NC State coaching staff. All players on this board have received a scholarship offer from the Pack unless specified otherwise. Ratings are combined from several different sources. Note- viewed best with WP IconicSymbolsA font set.

Pack Pride Rating Legend

100- Verbal Commitment

95-99 NCS Lean

90-94 NCS in top 2 or 3

85-89 NCS in top 5 or 6

75-84 NCS has work to do

1. i i OL Justin Whaley...6-4, 265 pounds, 5.3 in the 40...Hunt High School, Wilson, NC

Notes...Very under-rated OL in our opinion that the Wolfpack coaches reportedly love. Has the frame to get much bigger and plays with a nasty disposition. Somewhat similar to former Pack OL/DL Shane Riggs...NC State commitment

2. i i i DL Sam Jones...6-5, 265 pounds, 5.1 in the 40...Fuquay-Varina (NC) High School

Notes...Big, hulking lineman that is raw but possesses all the tools to star at DT or more likely, OL for NC State. Will need to improve technique tremendously but that should come with time...NC State commitment

3. i i i WR Steve Howard...6-2, 185 pounds, 4.5 in the 40...Olympic High School, Charlotte, NC

Notes...Howard has a good frame and fits with the bigger is better theme that State has employed with wide receivers. More of a possession-type receiver than game-breaker...NC State commitment

4. i i i TE George Bryan...6-6, 257 pounds, 4.8 in the 40...New Hanover HS, Wilmington, NC

Notes...Probably the most under-rated of all the NC State commitments. Has a tremendous frame, solid hands and above average athleticism. Some scouts have referred to him as the best TE on the east coast. Major steal for the Pack....NC State commitment

5. i i OL Henry Lawson...6-4, 270 pounds, 5.5 in the 40...Charlotte (NC) Catholic High School

Notes...Top run blocker for Catholic High School. Will need to improve strength and quickness for move to division one level but should be able to contribute for the Pack down the road...NC State commitment

6. i i i LB Linwan Euwell...6-2, 210 pounds, 4.6 in the 40...SW Edgecombe HS, Pinetops, NC

Notes...Another player that scouts became aware of after his commitment to NC State. Somewhat under-sized now but has the frame and long arms that are somewhat reminiscent of Manny Lawson at this stage. Very talented player...NC State commitment

7. i i i OL Desmond Roberts...6-5, 260 pounds, 5.3 in the 40...Northampton West HS, Gaston, NC

Notes...Favors NC State, Virginia Tech and UNC. Has been a fairly solid lean in the past to NC State and, frankly, this is a player that State needs to land. We believe he could decide in the near future....NC State commitment

8. i i i CB Dominique Ellis...5-11, 185 pounds, 4.6 in the 40...East Wake HS, Wendell, NC

Notes...Has picked up offers from UNC, South Carolina and NC State. Ellis has a super relationship with Todd Stroud and the Pack may hold a slight lead. Will visit State later this month and a decision could come shortly after that trip....NC State commitment

9. i i i QB Russell Wilson...6-0, 190 pounds, 4.6 in the 40...Collegiate HS, Richmond, Va

Notes...Wilson had a fabulous showing at State's camp and may be the Pack's top target at QB. Ohio and Duke have offered as well. Rumors have UNC potentially offering which could muddy the waters. Wilson could make a decision this month. In our opinion, the sooner he decides, the better off NC State is...NC State commitment

10. i i i CB Justin Byers...6-1, 185 pounds, 4.45 in the 40...Vance High School, Charlotte, NC

Notes...State is Byers only offer and probably holds the lead by default. It would appear that Byers is not content to sit on that one offer as he's participated in numerous camps. If no other schools offer then this projection would be an easy one....NC State commitment

11. i i DT JR Sweezy...6-5, 245 pounds, 4.77 in the 40...Mooresville (NC) High School

Notes...Raw but talented prospect that is still coming into his own physically. Listed as a defensive tackle but could grow into a TE or OL as well....NC State commitment

12. i i OL/DL Curtis Bryant...6-2, 270 pounds, 5.0 in the 40...S Miami (Fla) High School

Notes...Wolfpack was impressed enough with Bryant's size and mobility to offer him a scholarship earlier this year. Bryant camped with State and the Pack has forged a solid lead. We think State could possibly bring him in as an OG, C or DT.

Potential Official Visits...NCS, USF...NCS Recruiter...Stroud...NC State commitment

13. i i OL Mike Golder...6-4, 290 pounds, 5.15 in the 40...Apex (NC) High School

Notes...Impressed with junior film but injured knee and spent most of summer recovering. He is now back on the field and appears to be close to 100%. The Pack coaches reportedly love his potential, attitude and work ethic. We don't often include players without Wolfpack offers on the Top 25 List but we think that could change in the very near future.

Potential Official Visits...NCS....NCS recruiter...Stroud...Rating...98

14. i i i DE Patrick Grant..6-3, 215 pounds, 4.7 in the 40..Boyd Anderson HS, Lauderdale Lakes, Fla

Notes...Florida player that is extremely high on NC State. Coach Stroud has made a nice connection here and Grant is currently listing State in his top three. May become a priority, especially if Robertson commits elsewhere....Update...Sources continue to indicate that State is in super shape for Grant. We believe he resides as one of the top four DE's remaining on the recruiting board.

Potential Official Visits...NCS, MINN, AUB...NCS Recruiter...Stroud...Rating...96

15. i i i LB Ronnie Thornton...6-2, 210 pounds, 4.7 in the 40...Killian HS, Miami, Fla

Notes...Thornton is quickly emerging as a must-have for the Wolfpack coaching staff. Very unfer-rated backer from school that has been very kind to the Wolfpack. We think State may quietly hold the lead.

Potential Official Visits...NCS, PITT, AUB...NCS Recruiter...Stroud...Rating...96

16. i i i DT Kyle Linney...6-2, 285 pounds, 4.9 in the 40...Alexander Central HS, Taylorsville, NC

Notes...Has picked up early offers from NCS, ECU and USC. Visited State and the Pack has emerged as a leader. State's that the Pack is recruiting the hardest. Watch Clemson if they offer....Update...Everything continues to point in the Wolfpack's favor with Linney. We think a watchful eye must still be kept on Clemson and Tennessee. No doubt Linney is a priority for State at DT.

Potential Official Visits...NCS, USC, ECU...NCS Recruiter...Stroud...Rating...96

17. i i i i LB Maurice Harris...6-1, 190 pounds, 4.4 in the 40...Homestead (Fla) High School

Notes...It had to be music to the ears of the NC State coaching staff when Harris named the Wolfpack as his top school in a recent interview. Harris is reportedly very near the top of the recruiting board for all Wolfpack defensive prospects regardless of position. This battle won't be easy in our opinion as we expect several national powers to jump on the bandwagon before all is said and done.

Potential Official Visits...NCS, AUB, WIS...NCS Recruiter...Stroud...Rating...95

18. i i i LB Melvin Ingram...6-2, 227 pounds, 4.6 in the 40...Richmond County HS, Rockingham, NC

Notes...Ingram has camped at State and the Pack co-leads with UNC. State has offered but we don't believe UNC has officially. South Carolina and ECU have also offered. Ingram says he doesn't have a timetable for a decision....Update...Ingram now lists the Wolfpack as his sole leader and that's very good news since he hasn't visited Raleigh in quite a while. Although prep school is possible destination, Ingram has super talent and is a kid State will go full bore to sign in the class of 2007.

Potential Official Visits...NCS, USC, ECU...NCS Recruiter...Williams...Rating 95

19. i i i QB Rodney Cox...6-6, 210 pounds, 4.7 in the 40...Harnett Central HS, Angier, NC

Notes...Grew up a fan of NC State and has been a priority of the Pack's all year. State has reportedly expressed the desire to take one drop-back and one dual-threat QB- Cox would fit the bill nicely given his athleticism. We're hearing the Pack's in good shape here. Grades are a concern....Update...Cox continues to deny a leader but he does acknowledge the Pack is recruiting him the hardest which is always a good sign. We continue to feel that Cox may be given a shot at QB in college but wide receiver or tight end is likely a better spot.

Potential Official Visits...NCS, USC, CLEM, ECU....NCS Recruiter...Cignetti...Rating...95

20. i i i OL Micah Grimes...6-5, 285 pounds, 5.1 in the 40...Ft Meade (Fla) High School

Notes...Grimes is a player that State has slowly moved up the favorite's list with all summer. We believe he is a priority for the Wolfpack coaches given they don't run out of OL spots first. Pack leads currently.

Potential Official Visits...NCS, MD, CSU, USF...NCS Recruiter...Dixon...Rating...95

21. i i i LB Josh Hartigan...6-3, 215 pounds, 4.65 in the 40...Northeast HS, Oakland Park, Fla

Notes...Very active defender for Northeast and has attracted some big-time offers over the summer. NC State jumped on board fairly early and appears to be in good shape. Making him even more attractive is the fact he will graduate in December and enroll in January.

Potential Official Visits...NCS (Sept 9), TENN, PITT...NCS Recruiter...Stroud...Rating...94

22.i i i OL Maurice Holloway...6-7, 320 pounds, 5.2 in the 40...Lake Highland Prep, Orlando, Fla

Notes...Pack was first to offer and held a sizable lead in the early going. However, recent offers from USC and Auburn may have muddied the waters a bit. We continue to think that coach Dixon can be a force here and that the Pack is in great shape.

Potential Official Visits...NCS, AUB, USC...NCS Recruiter...Dixon...Rating...95

23. i i LB Alex Kaufman...6-2, 215 pounds, 4.7 in the 40...Lakota West HS, W Chester, Oh

Notes...Kaufman has offers from NC State and Minnesota but was attending a host of camps over the summer in an attempt to land more. We think NCS is in good position with Kaufman but we also are realistic enough to know that if the right Big-10 offer comes around, that could make life a lot more difficult for the NC State coaches. Will officially visit NC State in November....Update...Kaufman continues to attract more and more attention and will be a battle for the Pack. State continues to lead but we think Stanford could pose a serious challenge.

Potential Official Visits NCS (Nov 4), MINN, STAN, MSU, PUR...NCS Recruiter...Stroud...Rating...94

24. i i i i WR Jay Smith...6-2, 195 pounds, 4.45 in the 40...Lake Taylor HS, Virginia Beach, Va

Notes...Smith was a huge NC State lean early in the process but has since emerged as a national-caliber recruit. Smith was to be in Raleigh again this week for the Wolfpack's team camp and State would certainly like to wrap him up although that is likely a longshot. VT may be a school to keep a close eye. Smith's father played for NC State....Update...Smith has transferred to a new school and interest in him has exploded. Visited State over the summer and we continue to think State is in good shape but it's not a slam dunk by any stretch. Will be important to get him in on an official visit to keep up with other programs.

Potential Official Visits...TENN (Sept 16), VT (Sept 30), NCS, MIA, CLEM...NCS Recruiter...Dixon/Dunlap...Rating...93

25. i i i DE Rufus Williams...6-3, 235 pounds, 4.7 in the 40...Astronaut HS, Titusville, FL

Notes..Originally committed to OM but has since opened up and is taking a very hard look at the Pack. In fact, his interest in State may have superseded the Pack's interest in him in the early going. We think the Wolfpack has definitely turned up the heat now and this will be one to watch.

Potential Official Visits...OM, TENN, NCS, BAMA, WVU...NCS Recruiter...Dixon...Rating...92

26. i i i i DE Derrick Morgan...6-4, 260 pounds, 4.9 in the 40...Coatesville (PA) High School

Notes...Super DE from Pa that State has offered. Morgan has numerous ties to the Raleigh area and had a super trip for camp. The big hurdle will be whether State can keep him out of the Big 10. They have a solid shot at it based on early feedback.Update...Not much has changed but Morgan's official visits are starting to get much clearer. We like the position State is in but ultimately, PSU is definitely going to be tough to beat. MIA is a major player as well.

Potential Official Visits...PSU (Oct 14), NCS (Nov 4), MIA, BC, OSU...NCS Recruiter...Williams...Rating...92

27. i i RB/S Jonathan Williams...6-2, 205 pounds, 4.5 in the 40...Rose HS, Greenville, NC

Notes...The Wolfpack has offered but UNC is Williams' childhood fave. Has visited State and the Pack is probably his number two choice behind UNC. Williams is a very under-rated prospect in our opinion....Update...Not much has changed with Williams. Should UNC offer it would likely be a done deal. As it is, State has a pretty solid shot but not much has been said about Williams' recruiting.

Potential Official Visits...NCS, UNC, ECU, USC, CLEM...NCS Recruiter...Cignetti...Rating...92

28. i i i S Chris Culliver...6-1, 190 pounds, 4.38 in the 40...Garner (NC) High School

Notes...Culliver was a virtual unknown until his performance at the Scout combine. NCS offered just days after that showing and Culliver committed to State shortly thereafter. He has since received offers from Florida, Alabama, Clemson and UNC among others. Culliver continues to list himself as a soft but we think it'll likely be January before anyone knows for sure where he's headed....Update...With recruiting interest hitting him from every angle, Culliver decided to decommit from NC State. Although the Wolfpack is still in good shape, Florida, Florida State and Clemson are making a huge push.

Potential Official Visits...NCS, CLEM, VT, FSU, FLA...NCS Recruiter...Stroud...Rating...91

29. i i i WR Darian Williams...6-1, 185 pounds, 4.5 in the 40...Northeast HS, Oakland Park, Fla

Notes...Talented WR that picked up a Wolfpack offer recently. Has some impressive offers and we think the potential is there for him to move up this list. For now, watch PITT.

Potential Official Visits...NCS (Sept 9), ASU, PITT, UT, UCF...NCS Recruiter...Stroud...Rating...90

30. i i i OL Kyle Fischer...6-6, 270 pounds, 5.6 in the 40...Spring Valley HS, Columbia, SC

Notes...All has been pretty quiet on Fischer recently. Has already visited once this year and was to make a return trip as well. Early on, favored NCS and Vandy but has since taken an open stance...Update...Continues to state that he is open. The major players appear to be NCS, Vandy, UVA and UNC.

Potential Official Visits...NCS, UNC, UVA, VANDY...NCS Recruiter...Portee...Rating...90

31. i i i DT Nick Wood...6-2, 275 pounds, 5.0 in the 40...Poway (Ca) High School

Notes...One of the more interesting recruiting stories of the year. Wood showed up at NC State unannounced during camp. He spotted coach Portee jogging andd him who he was. Coach Stroud was notified, they watched film of Wood and offered him. Wood has been non-committal on faves but the thinking is that the academic schools....Duke, well as ASU may be strong. Insiders suggest State is in good shape.

Potential Official Visits...Too early....NCS Recruiter....Stroud...Rating...90

32. i i i i DE Solomon Thomas...6-5, 225 pounds, 4.7 in the 40...Lakota West HS, W Chester, Oh

Notes...On the surface, it would appear that Thomas should be much higher on this list. However, when looking at the big picture, the recent offer from Ohio State makes landing Thomas much more difficult. Had they waited to offer later in the year, we would have felt much better about State's chances. The home-state Buckeyes now have months to overtake whatever lead State may have had early in the process. In the Pack's favor are their recent history in the NFL draft with DE's. That is something that has really stuck with Thomas.....Update...OSU has predictably built on their lead and Thomas has gone on record as saying he's close to a commit to the Buckeyes. The last bullet left in the chamber for State is Thomas' father who has indicated in the past his desire for Thomas to go to NC State. The Pack must get Thomas in on an official visit as soon as possible. An original OV date of Nov 4 may very well get moved up.

Potential Official Visits...OSU, NCS...NCS Recruiter...Stroud...Rating...90

33. i i i i DE Adewale Ojomo...6-4, 215 pounds, 4.7 in the 40...Hialeah (Fla) High School

Notes...Ojomo is one of the most talented prospects on NC State's board. Some have suggested that Ojomo may already be a silent commit to Miami, however. In any event, The Canes have pushing hard for his commit. We believe State is in second but history has shown that landing players like this has been rare.

Potential Official Visits...MIA, NCS, UGA, AUB, PITT...NCS Recruiter...Stroud...Rating...90

34. i i i i RB Enrique Davis...6-1, 215 pounds, 4.45 in the 40...Mosley HS, Lynn Haven, Fla.

Notes...One of the nation's top RB prospects. Big back in the Andre Brown mold. State has been on him hard but the battle will be a stiff one. An official visit is a definite possibility.

Potential Official Visits...FSU, FLA, AUB, BAMA, NCS, UGA...NCS recruiter...Meyer...Rating...89

35. i i i i DT Tydreke Powell...6-3, 285 pounds, 5.0 in the 40...Hertford County HS, Ahoskie, NC

Notes...State's top DT has earned offers from all over. Early heavy lean to UNC. Heels likely will be the team to beat unless 2006 season goes in the tank. NCS has kept themselves in the battle but it will be tough. Grades may be an issue.

Potential Official Visits...PSU (Oct 14), MIA, VT, FSU, UNC, NCS...NCS Recruiter...Cignetti...Rating...88

36. i i i RB Tyrell Worthington...6-0, 185 pounds, 4.47 in the 40...S Central HS, Winterville, NC

Notes...Baseball could be the biggest threat for Worthington. NCS, VT and UNC may be the three main players for Worthington with the opportunity to play baseball being a major factor. Right now, there aren't many strong indicators on where he may be leaning....Update...It appears the two biggest hurdles for NC State to clear with Worthington may be academics and baseball. Some sources are indicating Worthington is looking hard at playing pro baseball. As for football, UNC, NC State and Clemson look strong.

Potential Official Visits...NCS, UNC, ECU, VT, CLEM..NCS Recruiter...Cignetti...Rating...88

37. i i i LB Jamar Jackson...6-4, 225 pounds, 4.7 in the 40...Varina HS, Richmond, Va

Notes...Hybrid DE/LB prospect that State is recruiting as a LB. Jackson is from the same school as current DT Alan-Michael Cash. The Pack made solid inroads with Jackson over the summer but historically, Virginia Tech has been next to impossible to beat for players like Jackson.

Potential Official Visits... BC (Sept 9), LOU (Sept 16), NCS (Sept 23), VT, CLEM...Recruiter...Dunlap...Rating...88

38. i i i i RB Dale Martin...5-11, 195 pounds, 4.5 in the 40...Bolingbrook (Ill) HS

Notes...NC State hosted Martin over the summer and it appears the trip was a success. However, we feel TENN is very strong with Martin at this point. This is probably a long shot recruit for State but if the Pack can continue to win, anything is possible. The Wolfpack does look strong for an official visit.

Potential Official Visits...NCS, UT, WIS, IOWA...Rating...88

39. i i i WR Bert Reed...6-0, 170 pounds, 4.4 in the 40...Bay Senior HS, Panama City, Fla.

Notes...Reed concludes this listing but there's certainly potential for him to make a big move up over the coming weeks. Reed has phenomenal speed and has been largely overlooked by recruiting analysts. Florida will likely be tough to beat if they go after him all out.

Potential Official Visits...FSU, FLA, BAMA, WVU, NCS...NCS Recruiter...Meyer...Rating...88

40. i i i i WR Leonard Hankerson...6-2, 205 pounds, 4.55 in the 40...Aquinas HS, Ft Lauderdale, Fla

Notes...Hankerson is a big-time WR with programs from around the nation after him. State is a definite long shot but the Pack has had some success at Aquinas in the past.

Potential Official Visits...MIA, OSU, FLA, UGA, UT, AUB, MICH...NCS Recruiter...Stroud...Rating...88

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