Monday PC: Amato Talks Southern Miss

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Chuck Amato discussed the upcoming game against Southern Miss with the media today. Here is what the Wolfpack head coach had to say.

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    Chuck Audio (31:22)

    How is the atmosphere at Southern Mississippi... you coached there.
    Tough...very tough.

    How is this Southern Miss. team?
    They are a real good team. I think with about four and a half minutes left in the Florida game, the score was 14-7, and that was at Florida.

    They are a tough, tough hard-nosed football team.

    You've had a couple of seasons where you opened 1-1. Do you just stay the course?
    Yeah. Do what we know is right. We've won a lot of games around here. Sometimes people need to be reminded of that. We've won a lot of games around here doing what we feel is right. Going into the season, we're two wins short of averaging eight wins a season. That's a lot of football games.

    Chuck, you talked about how tough the loss was. Is a part of that that a program like yours, shouldn't lose to a team like Akron in year seven at home?
    That's not why I said that. Period.

    Should your program lose to a team like that?
    I don't know. I don't know. Should any team in the Atlantic Coast Conference lose to, you say a team like that, they are the conference champions, they went to a bowl, and I believe they won it. Now what are you saying about that team?

    They lost the bowl game.
    What are you trying to say? They are in a conference that allows nonqualifiers in school. Ya'll need to look that one up to write stories. The Boise State's, the Fresno State's, the Louisville's before the new rules now.. that can allow nonqualifiers in school now. I think he told me he had ten last year that he signed. You know what kind of players nonqualifiers are usually? They are inversely proportional to what their grade point average is.

    They can make a big difference, but I don't know how you can ask and you did. And I answered it.

    You are an ACC team playing at home.
    We are an ACC team playing at home, and how many other ACC teams lost at home against somebody that the prognosticators said they shouldn't. You are the same people that picked us to be [looked under the table], and they were picked to be [raised hand high].

    I don't think we picked you to lose to Akron.
    I didn't say you did.

    Well you've got the facilities, and you are in the ACC.
    We just got the facilities. These facilities have just got built. They have not been here for 20 years. We've won a lot of games here. When are you going to understand that. We really have.

    But you haven't lost to a team like Akron.
    Maybe a lot of teams will lose to Akron before the season is out. Let's let the season play out and ask me that same question at the end of the year.

    You're the same person that last week was talking about how good they were up at Penn State. You were making innuendos... same question.

    They also lost up at Penn State.
    But you didn't make it sound that way when you were asking the questions last week because it was a different thing on the story.

    Can you explain when plays are eligible to be reviewed and when they are not?
    What I think everybody has to understand is every play is reviewed in that press box by that official. Each coach has one challenge... obviously why do you even need the challenge if he doesn't buzz the people down there on the play?

    They have got all this technology that gets all these shots so fast and every angle and what have you. They missed one angle... obviously, you all saw it.

    They are all suppose to be reviewed and especially scores... sideline stuff, but every play is being reviewed every time.

    Did you think about challenging the spot on Stone's fourth-down run?
    I thought about it, but I said, "You know what, we've got some more time." Were they going to change it for that much? Yes, it went through my head.

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