Closer Look: Akron -- Offensive Statistics

After grading the game film, NC State released the official stats from the Wolfpack's loss to Akron. Here are the offensive statistics from the game.


Marcus Stone
Stone played 63 snaps against Akron, falling to 6-2 as a starter. He completed 16-of-31 passes for 209 yards and two touchdown passes. He also threw an interception and rushed seven times for 15 yards.

Running Backs
Andre Brown

Brown played 12 snaps, rushing three times for 10 yards. He broke one tackle for three extra yards.

Toney Baker
Baker played 53 snaps, rushing 17 times for 58 yards. He had four receptions for 49 yards and had 15 yards after contact. He broke two tackles for 17 additional yards.

Jamelle Eugene
Eugene played 5 snaps, and had 1 carry for 3 yards. He also had an 11-yard touchdown reception.

Pat Bedics
Bedics played 8 snaps.

John Kane
Kane played 4 snaps.

Wide Receivers
Darrell Blackman

Blackman played 51 snaps, recording four catches for 49 yards and a 20-yard touchdown catch. He had two rushes for 17 yards, and also recorded four "5-point plays." He had 34 yards after catch.

Donald Bowens
Bowens played 40 snaps.

John Dunlap
Dunlap played 60 snaps, recording one reception for 21 yards, two knockdowns, six "5-point plays," and 13 yards after catch.

Koyal George
George played three snaps.

Geron James
James played six snaps.

Lamart Barrett
Barrett played three snaps.

Tight Ends

Anthony Hill

Hill played 51 snaps, and he was NC State's leading receiver. Hill tallied seven catches for 82 yards with 26 yards after contact.

Matt Kushner
Kushner played 10 snaps.

Offensive Linemen
KD = Knockdown Block
MM = (Meyer Maul) Lineman totally takes out defender and drives him back
Ht = (Hunt) Lineman finds defender and blocks him out of play

Leroy Harris
Harris graded out at 90%, the highest on the team, and played 64 snaps, recording 10 knockdowns, two Meyer Mauls, and two Hunts.

Curtis Crouch
Crouch played 64 snaps, recording two knockdowns, two Meyer Mauls and two Hunts.

James Newby
Newby played played 64 snaps, and his 84% versus Akron was the second highest. He recorded three knockdowns.

Jon Holt
Holt played 64 snaps, registering three knockdowns and two Meyer Mauls.

Kalani Heppe
Heppe played 64 snaps, recording two knockdowns, and a Hunt.

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