Closer Look: Akron -- Defensive Statistics

After grading the game film, NC State released the official stats from the Wolfpack's loss to Akron. Here are the defensive statistics from the game.

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    Defensive Linemen
    Raymond Brooks

    Brooks played 51 snaps, recording five tackles and one tackle for a loss of nine yards.

    Littleton Wright
    Wright played 25 snaps, recording nine tackles and three quarterback pressures.

    Willie Young
    Young played 29 snaps and recorded two tackles and four quarterback pressures.

    DeMario Pressley
    Pressley played 63 snaps, and tallied three tackles.

    Tank Tyler
    Tyler played 65 snaps, recording 9 tackles, two tackles for a loss of eight yards, a sack, and three quarterback pressures.

    Martrel Brown
    Brown played 53 snaps, recording six tackles, one sack for a loss of 11 yards, and one quarterback pressure.

    Ted Larsen
    Larsen played six snaps.

    John Amanchukwu
    Amanchukwu played five snaps.

    Alan-Michael Cash
    Cash played three snaps.

    Reggie Davis

    Davis played 56 snaps and recorded one tackle.

    James Martin
    Martin played 32 snaps and tallied three tackles, two tackles for a loss, and a sack.

    Lerue Rumph
    Rumph played 33 snaps and registered six tackles.

    Pat Lowery
    Lowery played 66 snaps and recorded 10 tackles. He led the Wolfpack in tackles and added two tackles for loss, a sack for a loss of 29 yards, and two quarterback pressures.

    Defensive Backs
    Garland Heath

    Heath played 66 snaps, notching three tackles.

    Miguel Scott
    Scott played 59 snaps, finishing with eight tackles.

    Jimmie Sutton
    Sutton played 60 snaps and recorded five tackles.

    Jeremy Gray
    Gray played 41 snaps and recorded two tackles and a pass breakup.

    Levin Neal
    Neal made his second career start and played 53 snaps. He had two tackles.

    DaJuan Morgan
    Morgan played 50 snaps and finished with seven tackles and a tackle for a loss of three yards.

    J.C. Neal
    Neal played 14 snaps and finished with a tackle and a pass breakup.

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