Quotables: NC State

NC State players Marcus Stone, Pat Lowery, Leroy Harris and head coach Chuck Amato spoke briefly with the media following the loss to Southern Miss.

Coach Chuck Amato
"It was penalties and turnovers that were so costly."

If we had put it in the end zone on that one drive instead of throwing an interception, we would have been in a position to get back in the game."

"We got our fannies slapped, for sure."

"That first possession of the second half was so important. They go 77 yards on four plays."

"We knew this was going to be a rebuilding year for us. We still have a lot of work to do."

Quarterback Marcus Stone
"No one had there heads down coming into this game."

Linebacker Patrick Lowery
"There are definitely things I have to correct. No one person lost this game for us. The score was 37-17, so obviously we make a lot of mistakes."

On the team's awareness about comments about partial and non-qualifiers:
"I think it was a little skewed on the team. Not everybody on the team was aware of it, but I read the newspaper every day, so I knew. But it's not like that was on my mind when they were running zones down our throat."

"They kept us off balance all night. Their tight end (Shawn Nelson) is a real special player. He's a tough matchup, especially for defensive backs."

"Number 25 (Damion Fletcher) was a lot better than what we saw on film."

"We open the ACC schedule with Boston College and we've got to get ready for them. If you think these guys (Southern Miss) were physical, wait until next week."

Center Leroy Harris
"This really lit a fire under us. It's discouraging to get beat this bad, but it fires you up. I can't wait to get back on the field."

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