Teleconference: Chuck Amato Quotables

NC State head coach Chuck Amato met with the media to wrap up Saturday's game against Southern Miss and here is what he had to say.

First can we get an update on Darrell and his situation, and then on the quarterback situation?

Darrell has got a right knee sprain right now. We'll see how things go. He is scheduled to have an MRI today at noon, and we'll have the results tomorrow.  We just got done with the film probably 40 minutes ago with everything, offense, defense and kicking. We talk personnel first thing Monday morning, and if anything with any personnel is made we'll make them then.

With regards to that, what Daniel Evans did last night, do you have more confidence with him going in earlier even though he went in late last night?

Well the first time he was in they were with quite a few of their starters in the game. But yeah he did some awfully good things. We all saw that, that's for sure. Then in their second series of play they were all backups. But you know what he got his feet wet, which is good, which is good. And he did some good things.

Did Southern Miss do anything different offensively that surprised you?
They did a couple of things differently but nothing of any big, big, big. We thought there go-to guy was going to be their tight end No. 1, and the first play of the game they went right to him. We felt that going in, and they didn't do anything differently.

Anything in particular Daniel Evans do while he was in there?

He was poised. He stood in there and he looked poised.

Speaking of poise, have you talked with the team out there about what happened in terms of the personal fouls?
We addressed that from me to them last night. We don't meet with the team on Sundays. Sunday is their day off.

Were you given an explanation on why Tank Tyler was ejected?
The word spitting came into it, and that could be what happened two years ago to one of our players in Maryland. When you're talking to officials sometimes it does come out when you are talking. That's what I have been told.

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