PC: Amato Talks Move to Evans, Expectations

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Chuck Amato discusses the upcoming game against Boston College with the media.

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    Chuck Audio

    Opening Statement:
    After long discussions we feel like we're going to make a change on the quarterback situation.

    We just felt we needed more production out of our offense... enough said there. We saw what Daniel did, in a condition when the game was out of reach, and against their first team the first drive and quite a few on the first drive, and we want to see what Daniel will do under the circumstances of being in there at the beginning of the game.

    It's my job to put the best team on the field. We have to do everything in my mind and power to help this team win a 60 minute football game. Not a 59:50 football game, a 60 minute football game.

    We're going to do everything we can to get involved in this thing because this is the beginning of a new day.

    Is Daniel going to whole way or will Marcus see time?
    We'll have to wait to see. I told Daniel not to go in there looking over his shoulder. The job is his. We're going to do everything in our power, and Marcus is going to do everything in his power to help him succeed.

    What are his strengths?
    If you were at the game the other day, he showed some poise. He threw some passes right when somebody about hit him in the kisser.

    Two years ago, when we had the No. 1 defense in the country, for the opening game we played a scrimmage out there and he was the quarterback of the other team against some awfully, awfully good football players, he made some unbelievable plays. We're going to see what happens.

    Did Justin Burke come up in those discussions?
    No because Daniel showed what he can do. Justin was in my mind, but Daniel showed what he can do, and he earned this.

    In your first four seasons you won twice as many as you lost, in the past two seasons you've won half of your games. Is the program slipping or are you confident?
    No. I have nothing to do with the fact that this university has not won a conference championship since 1979... don't blame me for that, I wasn't here.

    Why do people like to take things and disect them to statistical analysis? Why don't they present the whole story of what is going on at this place?

    Every magazine has Chuck Amato on the hot seat.
    I don't even want to answer that question anymore. The hottest seat I've been in was when I drove my 1969 Corvette from my house to this building when it was 98 degrees and I don't have any air conditioning in it.

    You'll have to ask somebody. You know something I don't know. Why are you making a story because of what you read that hasn't come out of somebody's mouth on this university?

    Why statistically aren't we looking at every school in this state? Please are we all on it? Let's be men about it. Let's really be men about it. Let's look at the whole picture over the last six years.

    Why do you think football is mediocre in this state?
    I don't want to get into that. Why do I think football is mediocre in this state? Well #1 there's a lot of colleges in this state, and the population is not...

    I don't know, I really don't know. But if you're looking for improvement, look at partial statistics. Up until the year 2000, all the coaches that coached at this university, the wins and losses were always right dab smack on the point, and... enough said.

    More thoughts:
    We've been to five bowls in six years. A successful season is to have a winning record and to go to a bowl. Everything over and above that is gravy. You know what, we've had five out of six years of winning seasons, I don't care how you slice it.

    I wouldn't change anything I've done. My standards are here, I'm not somebody that is going to hide in a closet. Let's throw it out there. Let's get the expectations where they are. Let's get this.

    How would you rate yourself on the quarterback situation since Rivers left?
    It's easy at this point. If you were at the press conference after we signed Marcus Stone, who was going to commit to Florida as a junior, but coach Spurrier up. He opened up... would you have taken him? Would you have taken him? Listen to who he had it down to. Notre Dame, Michigan, Ohio State, Tennessee, and the outcast. NC State didn't fit in there, and he decided to come here in July.

    Jay Davis had visited Oklahoma and coach Stoops because they knew him and was on the board in Florida. We felt very... but you know what I say on those recruiting days? I'll tell you how good our class is three or four years from now. Ya'll don't believe that. People don't believe that. They think it's a coaching cliche, but you just don't know.

    Boston College goes to a bowl game seemingly every year, and they seemingly win every year. They are so efficient and fun to watch. Coach O'Brien has built a strong program, are you trying to build a program like Boston College?
    Repeat the question for me.

    Boston College goes to a bowl game seemingly every year.
    Stop right there. NC State goes to a bowl game seemingly every year. So? And, you say they seemingly win them. NC State goes to a bowl game seemingly every year and is 4-1... seemingly we win them when we go. Everybody has got their own cup of tea where they are at.

    Boston College, I think has been a silent giant. There's an awful lot of youngsters up in the New England area who can play football.

    People get upset when we say that we are having winning seasons... seemingly. Both of those things are seemingly, those are facts. Go to bowls, seemingly, No, and win them, seemingly, No. Yes.

    I don't see it, I really really don't.

    The problem Chuck is people feel you have raised expectations so high that a winning season isn't enough.
    Should I have come in and say our goal is to go 1-10 and beat one team? I wouldn't change anything. Why not? These youngsters... this is utopia. Every college in America three weeks ago started off wanting to go to Phoenix for the Fiesta Bowl. Only two teams will show up there, the other 54 will go to a bowl game. That means they will have a successful season.

    What is wrong with having dreams? What is wrong with getting people excited about winning? Is that wrong? To get people excited about winning? If I hadn't, do you think we'd be sitting in this building right now? You think about it.

    I wouldn't change it. I wouldn't change it. I saw Lou Holtz get that excitement up. I was here.

    More thoughts:
    I wonder if we had won both these games and we were 3-0... 'but you haven't beat anyone yet.' 'You're on the hot seat.' It just came to my mind. I wonder the coach from Kansas is getting it today. We had a team in this state that almost lost to a D1-AA team. But you know what? They won, and the object is to win.

    Remember when we were 9-0, I guess we were 8-0 when we went to Clemson. I had a pair of night sunglasses on that everybody just notices. Why? I'm trying to sell NC State... duh. I'm trying to sell NC State.

    I actually had a question asked to me before that game, and said we were a fraud. That was my pregame speech. A Chicago newspaper said we were a fraud. It was asked to me before the game on ESPN. What? Why? Why? Because we're NC State and they had never heard of it in football. They never heard of it. So we're a fraud. After the game, I said, 'What do you think?' They didn't answer me. They didn't have to. Just like you don't have to.

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