Evans Excited About the Opportunity

NC State quarterback Daniel Evans spoke with the media to discuss Chuck Amato's decision to start him for the first time against Boston College this Saturday.

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How do you see your role as far as managing the game on Saturday?
As far as managing the game I don't feel like I have a whole lot more to do than I did last week. Just make quick decisions, get the ball out of my hands... I just really have to be a facilitator for the great backs and great receivers.

Explain your approach to handling pressure. What is your approach?
I really don't feel much pressure from external forces. The only pressure I feel is the pressure I put on myself. Coach Amato doesn't put any pressure on me.

The Boston College defense has allowed a lot of passing yards but only four passing touchdowns. What is their approach?
We definitely have to be patient this week. They keep guys in front of them. They are going to make us dink it down the field so my job is to move the ball methodically down the field. I don't have to go for it all on one play... I've got to be patient.

I don't have to try to force anything. There are going to be places to throw the ball. I just have to be patient and let our guys make plays after they catch the ball.

Have you spoken with your dad and if so, what has he told you?
Yes. I talked to him last night. I went home and had a real late dinner with the family. He said he was proud of me. I told him it's a good start, but it's not the end. It's where I want to be, but I've still got a lot of work to do... run the offense and lead the team.

He was just saying how I don't have to do anything outside myself. He's seen the pressure of being a Division-I quarterback so he knows how to handle the mental aspect. He gave me a couple of pointers about that.

Playing a ranked opponent on national TV... do you have any apprehensions about that?
No, not at all. I can't convey how excited I am about this week. It's the moment I've lived for and waited for my whole life. I'm just really excited to get the opportunity. I grew up going to games, watching my childhood heroes play here, the stadium that my dad played in. My first game being on national TV against a ranked opponent, I can't think of anything better.

For you has it always been State?
When I was little my dad was always on the sidelines so State was always my team growing up. I came to almost every home game. Once I got to high school and started the recruiting process I was more wide open. I wasn't narrowed down just to NC State. I had other options I was seriously considering, but in the end State just felt right. I've always been a NC State fan my whole life.

What were some of those other options?
Wake Forest, Tulane, Louisiana Tech were my main ones... some other ACC schools, but those three were the main ones. In the end NC State was the right fit for me.

Do you feel you are similiar to your dad as a quarterback?
I feel physically we're no where near the same. He was an option quarterback, he was a runner, he was an athlete... running by people, running through people. I'm a pocket passer. I can get outside the pocket and make plays when I have to, but I'm never going to run anybody over or past somebody. I'm more of a cerebral player, and he's definitely more of a physical player than I am.

If Brent Schaeffer doesn't go to Tennessee, where do you end up? Do you still end up at NC State as a walk-on?
I doubt I would... I definitely don't think I would have walked-on. That just goes to show you that God has a plan, and I can't think about what if's or what not's. I'm just glad I am where I am.

Given the numbers you put up at Broughton, why didn't you get more attention? What do you think colleges were scared of?
I think size was the main issue. I've put on about 25 pounds since I've been here. I came in about 170... I think that was the issue with it because we had a solid team, and I had solid numbers.

What was going through your mind when you got in the game against Southern Miss?
Going in I had the utmost confidence in myself, my teammates and the playcalling. I think coach Trestman did a great job of calling plays for me to get into a rhythm. We were able to move the ball down the field. I wasn't overly excited when we scored the touchdown because I've played it over in my head a thousand times, and it was kind of what I imagined myself doing when I got in that position. It really wasn't surprising.

What are you most excited about for Saturday night?
Really just the atmosphere of being out on the field in front of 60,000+ and thousands more on TV. I've been a practice player the past two and a half years and you can only get so much out of that.

I love the game, and I love being out there practicing, but there's nothing like being out there playing against people that are not on your team. That fires up your competitive spirit.

NC State is now the 4th team in the state to make a change at quarterback, either due to injury or performance. Is that a coincidence?
That was the first I've ever heard of it, and it's a pretty interesting stat. I really have no idea what is going on with that, and I don't think I can comment on it.

I know here Marcus did a great job of leading the team, and the coaches just feel there needs to be a little tweak. Hopefully I can provide that.

Daniel did this whole decision take you by surprise, or did you have a feeling coming back from Southern Miss that this might be happening?
It really didn't take me by surprise because it isn't my personality.

I felt great in the game and obviously the plane ride back wasn't a great ride because we just lost to Southern Miss pretty handily. I figured that I would play... I didn't know what my role would be this Saturday. To hear I'm starting, it didn't surprise me but it was definitely a blessing.

Who informed you of the move?
Coach Trestman told me first, and then I went afterwards and talked to coach Amato.

Did you ever get to listen to your dad on the radio when you were a kid?
Yes, actually me and my brother both would go on the sidelines with him during the game so we'd be right beside him while he was commentating. That was definitely a neat experience.

Did you ask him what he thought of the game on Saturday while doing the broadcast?
Yes, I asked him how his broadcast went, and he said that he really felt that it helped being on the broadcast because it preoccupied his mind. It kept him calmer than he would be if he was sitting in the stands living on every single pass.

I think it was something to help keep him down... I think he did a very good job.

John Dunlap mentioned that the offense was really close to clicking. What do you bring to the offense that can make it go to the next level?
I feel like I can get the ball out of my hand on time. The west coast offense is about timing and rhythm passing. We ran similiar stuff in high school so I feel I have a knack for getting the ball out on time.

We've got great receivers. I just need to get the ball in their hands. We have great backs.. I just have to let them make plays. I don't have to do anything extraordinary. That's really what I hope to bring on Saturday.

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