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RALEIGH, N.C. -- Wolfpack head coach Chuck Amato met with the media following Wednesday's practice.

Chuck Amato (7:04)

Who will be your punt returner this week?
We're working with quite a few of them back there. It could be Levin Neal, it could be Andre [Brown], it could be [John] Dunlap... it could be Willie Young. Great hands. We'll stop right there.

Can you comment on the play of Matt Ryan?
He puts the ball where no one can get it but his receiver. He makes plays. He made a big play last year on a fade.

He's got so much confidence in his ability, and he puts the ball on the money. He hit one in the second overtime in the BYU game the other day on a bootleg on second down. Right there in the corner on the goalline... he sees a whole lot.

He's got good vision, and he can throw it.

What's the difference in the defense from the first week and then second and third week?
Remember now, in the second week, in the third quarter the other team actually had negative points, and to a point in the fourth quarter they had a total of 33 yards in the second half.

It's tackling and probably inexperience at linebacker... a couple of them were busts. A couple of big plays were coverage busts.

It was kind of a fanny whipping down there last week.

How does your defensive line match up to their big offensive line?
We have to rely on technique, playing with pad level, low... we can't stand up. We've got to play with good technique and the blockers will tell them where the ball is going because they are just too big.

We've got to use our hand speed. We've got to use our speed to our advantage.

Seems like the players are in good spirits out here.
We've had a great week of practice. I'm not just saying it because you know how I am. If we don't I'll tell you how it is.

We really have. We've had a good week. Let's stop right there.

Do they have a sense...
Their sense is that they are going to win. To them the glass is half full. Let's stop right there.

What does Jamie Silva do for their defense?
He's a guy that makes things happen. Loves to play the game. He runs around like you're suppose to. You wish every defense could have 22 of them because the defense would never get tired.

Is there any chance that Darrell Blackman can play this week?
Nah... nah.

Has anything stood out on the defensive side of the ball during practice?
They've been flying around. They've been flying around. We'll get after it.

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