BC Focused on Evans

CHESTNUT HILL – The Boston College defense will face a bit of an unknown when it takes the field in Raleigh Saturday night.

NC State has a new quarterback – meaning there hasn't been a whole lot of Daniel Evans film for the Eagles to watch, not a lot to study.

"He got in the game their last game – he did pretty well," safety Jamie Silva said Wednesday. "He looked like he had confidence in the pocket and he knew what he was doing – he knew where his receivers were going to be. That kid looks ready to play.

"I guess (Marcus) Stone was making more mistakes than the club had hoped for so they had to replace him. I think the guy that's in there now will do well for them, but hopefully we'll take advantage of his inexperience."

Last year, Stone was 13-for-30 for 247 yards, a 96-yard touchdown pass to Brian Clark for a quick 7-0 State lead that would grow to 10-0 before BC came back for what turned out to be a 30-10 rout. Now, it's Daniel Evans – and he comes in facing a BC pass defense that hasn't been as strong as the coaches would have hoped.

Without much of a pass rush after the loss of current New York Giant Mathias Kiwanuka and others, the Eagles are dead last in the ACC in pass defense -- yielding almost 120 yards a game more than any other team in the conference.

Daniel Evans

Last week, BYU's John Beck torched the Eagles for 436 yards – but the Cougars didn't win the game.

Now, BC, which had played Beck last season and knew what to look for, faces an unknown in Evans – and in the attitude of a Wolfpack team that just might be desperate.

"It's difficult … not being able to see his drops and the way he looks, not being able to see him on film," said cornerback DuJuan Tribble. "I think we could just try to go from the quarterback that they had at first and hopefully he'll play a similar style on his reads and whatever. But you can't go from what he did as (you can) with the first quarterback, Stine, so we're just going to be expecting a little bit of everything when you have this new quarterback, Evans, in this week.

"I saw him a little bit in the Southern Miss game that he played and he looks pretty good."

Talking about the change, Silva said, "It can bring a lot of energy if the team has been down. It can bring a lot of excitement and energy. On the other hand, maybe he's not quite as ready (as Stone) or else he could have been there earlier in the season. I don't know, I think we can take advantage of an inexperienced quarterback – but he shows that he's a good player, so we're going to be prepared, ready for him."

And ready for the Wolfpack.

"I don't see then as a bad team that should be 1-2," Silva said. "I see them as a good team with great athletes and playmakers that can break big plays open at any point in the game. They can have a broken play turn into … a fumble that's picked up by one of their running back that's probably as good as anybody we're going to play and then taking off and doing whatever they can do with it. They have great players that can make great plays so we just have to be prepared and be in the right position."

A desperate Wolfpack?

"I would really call it desperate," said Tribble. "NC State has a lot of great athletes. It's a big ACC game and we're at their place, so they're going to be coming out looking for a way to beat us. Hopefully, we bring our ‘A" game and get a victory on Saturday."

Echoing State coach Chuck Amato, Tribble knows NC State can wipe out what's already happened if they can beat BC Saturday night.

"No matter what happened in the last three weeks, that means nothing to their program right now," he said. "They're just, obviously like us, they're focused on this game Saturday coming up. You can't do anything about the past – I'm sure they're going to be coming for us and trying to get a victory against us this week."

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