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RALEIGH, N.C. -- Wolfpack head coach Chuck Amato met with the media following Wednesday's practice.

Chuck Amato (4:31)

How much difference did it make having A.J. Davis back last week?
Well, he's the only returning starter that we had back from last year. Marcus went to the league and is playing there. He played nine snaps in the first game. It was big to have him back.

Someone with that kind of experience, that kind of knowledge of what's going on, it's just so important.

Senior leadership is such an important thing. Experience is such an important thing. It really is.

Thoughts on Florida State's offense:
They are a time bomb waiting to explode. They are a time bomb ready to explode. That's just my opinion.

Can you talk about where your team would be without John Deraney?
John Deraney is probably the MVP of our team if we stopped the season right now. You know what? We can't say where we'd be without him because he's a part of our football team. It's called together. He's with us, and he's doing his job. He's kicking, he's putting them out, he's doing everything.

He's a fifth-year senior. It makes a lot of difference. People who play with fifth-year seniors have such an advantage.

A lot of people aren't redshirting as extensively as they used to, but especially skill-people, when you have fifth-year seniors... how would you have liked to have had Manny Lawson back as a fifth-year senior? Last year how would we have liked to have Jed Paulsen back? Thomas, Maddox, the two corners playing in the NFL... fifth-year seniors.

Thoughts on John Dunlap:
He's made a lot of... two years ago before he got hurt, down at Clemson he caught two great passes in three plays for touchdowns. They were mirrors of each other, but both were called back.

It showed a little bit, and then the poor kid got hurt. He's got all of his confidence back because of his injuries. I think that's another big thing.

Thoughts on FSU's defense:
One word: Ouch. Ouch. Ouch. They are able to play so many people it helps your quality depth. You might have had people that didn't start but they play quality snaps each game.

Do you think the receivers are getting overlooked with all the attention Daniel Evans is getting?
Somebody's got to pull the trigger. Somebody's got to give them an opportunity to make a play. Could be... could be. We've got to explode too. We've got to explode too.

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