PC: Amato Discusses FSU Game

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Chuck Amato discusses the upcoming game against Florida State with the media.

Chuck Audio (21:19)

Thoughts on the play of Demarcus Tyler:
He didn't have a big turnaround. Tank's played pretty good all year now. You can't let one guy be responsible for the statistics.

It was my suspension, and I told him after the game, if you're going to play that good for three quarters I'm going to suspend you for the first quarter of every game. He really did. He really played well.

Tank has really turned into a leader for our football team. A real, real leader for our football team.

Can you talk about the status of Darrell Blackman?
We're hoping, but it's going to probably be a gameday decision. I hope it's as good a decision as it was last week with A.J. We really didn't know about A.J. until the last minute. It's one of those things.

Thoughts on Daniel Evans having more time to prepare for his second start:
He does and they do too.

Yesterday is history and tomorrow is a mystery. I've said that before... today is a gift.

What he did, he won that football game in 46 seconds, that will always be remembered, but the game was 60 minutes long. We played 59 minutes and 52 seconds before we got the lead. He was so sharp with those plays. He did a lot of things that went unnoticed by a lot of people in the other part of the game, but it was his first start. To play the No. 20 team in the country and stick in there like he did was really good. We've been building on that. We'll see what happens.

Has the offensive line stabilized?
We think it has. Our offensive line has really played well as a group. We haven't given up a lot of sacks, we haven't given up a lot of hurries.

We'll be really tested this week in a lot of areas because we are going to play the fastest, the strongest, the quickest defensive line we will have played until this point. They are a typical Florida State front seven, not just front four.

As time has gone by, has this game lost any emotion for you?
It's always going to be emotional. I spent an awful lot of time there. There's an awful lot of good friends and memories there, but I spent more time in Raleigh... and more memories, and more friends.

That will never decrease down there, and it starts with coach Bowden. He was, for all the years I was there, so special to everybody.

Is Patrick Lowery the stereotype of the defensive player you want here at NC State?
That youngster knows what it means to play harder than you can. I remember watching film on him in high school.

Between the tackles he is so good, and his mental speed helps him with the rest of it. He reacts so well, he's got great instincts. If we had 11 of him on defense, like him, playing their positions, you'd be awfully good.

What does Darrell Blackman add to your team?
A lot. He can do so many things. Not just on offense, but how about the kicking game? The hidden yardage he's been responsible for in the kicking game has been just unbelievable. He was just getting the feel of being out there at wide receiver. It's another playmaker that people have to be concerned about.

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