Media Day: Sidney Lowe Audio + Quotes

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Sidney Lowe met with the media today to discuss the upcoming season.

Sidney Lowe

"I'm the head coach at NC State University. How can I not be excited? That's reality. It is what it is. As I said, the expectations of our guys going out and playing hard every night, that's what I expect."

"I'm not well when we lose."

"It will be a big loss to us obviously... I'm not going to say that the door is closed on this. Andrew likes basketball. Right now he's concentrating on baseball, and we certainly didn't want to do anything to mess with that or influence him in any kind of way, but the door is going to still be open."

"I think that baseball has been his game from childhood, we've talked about that, but in the process he has learned that he's a pretty good basketball player. I know he's been talked about playing in the Major Leagues, there's NBA people that have called and want to come to practice but are finding out now that he may not be there."

"Bartosz is going to have to play. Obviously he's a young kid, but he's going to be possibly thrust into a situation here, especially if Brackman doesn't play. He's going to have to give us some minutes there."

"I think Dennis is going to be in there, and he's been doing tremendous in our workouts... he'll probably be playing a couple of positions."

"Engin is playing [point] and Trevor... Trevor is working some at the point guard position. Again that is something that we have to possibly make adjustments with because Trevor is not a true point but he's working at it."

"I want [Gavin Grant] to play the game the right way, not feel that he has pressure on him because I think we've still got a couple of guys that can shoot the ball pretty good, score points. Courtney can score, Brandon can shoot the basketball, Engin can shoot the basketball, Ben is going to get inside and bang and get some fouls on people. We have guys that can do that. Dennis Horner can shoot the basketball."

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