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RALEIGH, N.C. -- Wolfpack head coach Chuck Amato met with the media following Tuesday's practice.

Chuck Amato Audio

On Rashad Phillips injury from a car wreck:
I hope I get this exactly right. I believe he broke the leg, the bone here, he's got skin graphs, he's got I believe a fracture in his ankle, and I'm going to call tonight to see.

They said Sunday they expect to release him by Thursday, but I'm going to call to find out more.

He's up in the Hampton area.. up in the Tidewater. Where his home is. It was a car accident, about four miles from his house.

There's nothing life-threatening, thank goodness... thank God that he's going to be fine.

You said yesterday you would see if the team needs humbling. How have they been the last couple of days?
Good... not bad. You know today it got warm. It was really warm out here today.

Last night we had a great practice. We had a great practice. Unfortunately we're going to play at noon. It was warm today. We had more water breaks today than we've had in a long, long time.

We've got a lot of work. Everybody has a lot of work to do.

What do you feel best about this team?
They are playing hard. Their effort has been really, really good. Every night we grade practice and we grade effort. The effort has been there, and I'll tell you what they are a together bunch of people. We've been in one game I believe, and at halftime we were winning. I think I've got that right. They just know that the game has got to go 60 minutes.

Thoughts on if Darrell Blackman can go all the way on Saturday:
We feel yes. We sure think so.

Thoughts on DaJuan Morgan:
He's a tough hombre. He's learning how to play that position. We felt we could put him at corner because he's so physical and fast, but we can't move him. We like what he's doing there, and he's learning.

One thing he does is he'll bring it. We hope he goes in the right direction.

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