Chuck Amato Audio + Quotes

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Wolfpack head coach Chuck Amato met with the media following Wednesday's practice.

Chuck Amato Audio (4:05)

"We've had a good week of practice. You hope that it goes over. It has the last couple of weeks, and the focus has been there. That's been a good thing."

"The combination of a football-basketball would be really, really tough. When you have somebody doing two major sports, back-to-back."

"He's the leader. He's got a lot of football sense. He's got what I call mental speed. He anticipates, he's got outstanding vision, and he's got really good instincts. He plays hard...harder than he did the play before, every play. He knows he's got to do that."

"He was playing behind a guy that is now playing for the Dallas Cowboys in Oliver Hoyte. That was a pretty good football player he was playing behind."

"He's smart. He studies the game."

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