Teleconference: Amato Talks Wake Loss

NC State head coach Chuck Amato met with the media to wrap up Saturday's game against Wake Forest.

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  • Teleconference: Amato Talks Wake Forest

    Chuck Amato

    "We'll update as usual everything on Monday."

    "Well we're just getting underway. We just finished up the film we had to watch from yesterday and we're just getting ready to start."

    "Sure did... the way they play their corners. They play their corners real lose."

    "You'd always like to have that one reciever like Calvin Johnson that everybody has to worry about, but it's been good to spread the wealth to not only the wide receivers, but our tight end and the running backs."

    "We brought five an awful lot. They have max protect now. We missed a couple of sacks back there now... that we had opportunities to put them down. The playaction stuff they do is very effective when you're preparing to stop a real good running team."

    "He's fine. Everybody has bad days, but he kicked the one right down the middle and we were hoping we were going to get an opportunity for him to kick another one right there at the end of the game."

    "LeRue has been playing better and better and better each game, I've mentioned this before but he started seven of our games last year before he got injured. He's really made good improvement."

    "Ernest, for a first start because Reggie was not able to practice as much as he'd like to this past week... I thought Ernest did some real good things as well."

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