PC: Baker, Scott Meet the Media

RALEIGH, NC -- NC State players Toney Baker and Miguel Scott met with the media today to discuss Maryland.

Toney Baker

"They do a great job working hard everyday in practice and they love to run block for me and Andre... I'm pretty excited about how they are protecting."

"As a team we're really taking pride in our running game."

"There's no question... coach said our effort was tremendous and really we've just got to fix the little details."

"We know that we're in it and that's our goal... to get to Jacksonville."

"Daniel is a great guy. He's very poised and he makes great decisions. He'll step in there and make the throw... he's a natural quarterback, that's the best way I can put it."

Miguel Scott

"I don't think it made it more difficult going on the road with the problems we had at the Murphy Center."

"We've got to be more focused. We know that our fans are not going to be there as usual. We've just got to block everything out and play football."

"Last year was a big game because it kind of determined who went to the bowl."

"I'll take it because the last two games out of three we won, unfortunately this last game we came up short."

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