Chuck Amato Audio + Quotes

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Wolfpack head coach Chuck Amato met with the media following Wednesday's practice.

Chuck Amato Audio (3:00)

Thoughts on the pass rush from the defensive line:
"To be honest with you it's better than I thought it would be. We've just got to learn to put them down when we get back there. We've had a couple of situations that created big plays when we had an opportunity to put somebody down and we didn't.

"Coverage gets you sacks. Sacks get you interceptions."

Thoughts on being in so many close games:
"When you're in a close game, you're giving yourself a chance to win that game."

Thoughts on James Newby:
"James has really got better and better and better and better. You talk about seniors, you've got a senior in the middle, you've got a senior at left tackle, and you've got a senior at right tackle, and they are fifth-year seniors. Newby's probably come as far as anybody. To be honest with you, he keeps getting better, even now."

Thoughts on Ralph Friedgen and his struggles since ACC expansion:
"It's been hard for everybody. It's been hard for Miami, Florida State, Virginia Tech. It's been hard for everybody... North Carolina State, North Carolina, Duke, Clemson... everybody. Everybody. Coach Friedgen... coach Friedgen knows what he's doing."

Thoughts on offensive line coach Pat Meyer:
"I've said it before, I think that's been a big key to it. He knows them, and he knew them in a different way. A strength coach, I've said it for years, is the most important coach on your staff because he sees every kid every day where a position coach, some of them see three kids every day in their meetings.

"He gets to know their personalities and they get to know them. He's young, he's enthusiastic. He's awfully smart. He's done a real good job with the chemistry of those kids."

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