Locker Room Report: Chuck Amato

COLLEGE PARK, MD -- NC State head coach Chuck Amato met the media following the loss to Maryland.

Chuck Amato 7:13

"I said it way back earlier in the week that these were two evenly matched teams."

"When you play a game with evenly matched teams, it comes down to protecting the football and penalties."

"When we came out at halftime, we felt so good about the things we could do and would continue to do, and then within two plays."

"All I can do is complement them or get after them for what has happened to that point. I don't have a crystal ball, I wish I did. No. How could I? They had given up seven sacks in six games."

"Maryland, they came after us more than they've done in the past... I'm not so sure it wasn't to stop the running game."

"It came down to an onside kick... we had three timeouts. It came down to an onside kick."

"The biggest plays in the first half were the screens and draws, and we held them to two field goals. Then it got to a point where our kids were calling out when they were going to run screens, and we kinda helped on that."

"This isn't over yet. This isn't over yet, and those kids want to go practice right now."

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