ACC: Sidney Lowe Audio + Quotes

GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Wolfpack head coach Sidney Lowe met with the media at 2006 Operation Basketball.

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  • ACC: Sidney Lowe Audio + Quotes
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    Sidney Lowe

    "That was one of the toughest things that I had to deal with so far. Sitting down with him and talking with him... his future and what's best with him. Having to be unselfish. He asked me a couple of questions, and I answered them honestly. With those answers, the right decision is for him to go."

    "It was a great opportunity for him. He's got some dreams and some goals and some things he'd like to do for his family."

    "There's no way I could tell him to stay here. Now, I could have told him to stay here, and he'll probably be drafted higher... but he still has an opportunity to go and financially do very well and take care of his family."

    "This is a great conference. It's extremely competitive, there are great coaches here, and you learn every day."

    "This is a great opportunity for me... just being in the best conference in the country is huge."

    "It's not easy at all. I think that we have a great product. I think the ACC is a great product, playing in the best conference in the country. I think NC State is a great product. Our tradition in basketball, winning two national championships and several ACC championships. The players that we've had come through there, the players that we've had go to the NBA, I think it's been able to help me with these players that we are recruiting."

    "I still haven't closed the door yet... I know he loves basketball, he loves to play basketball, and we definitely need him. He'd be a major piece for us.

    "We have seven NBA clubs that have called and are coming to practice, and they want to see him. He will have an opportunity to play in the NBA and be drafted high just as he could in baseball. I think the thing with baseball is he's been known longer for baseball. We've got people coming in, and they want to see him, and they are going to be disappointed."

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