Teleconference: Amato Talks Virginia Loss

Chuck Amato met with the media to wrap up Saturday's game against Virginia.

Chuck Amato

Will Geron James and Raymond Brooks be back this week?
"Most likely."

Is there anything else you can say regarding their situation?
"It's a team policy, and we'll stop right there."

Thoughts on needing to score more points:
"We got to score points, but punt returns do count. They do count. I know it doesn't count on the offense side. We've got to move. We are just not scoring points. We're moving the ball. We're moving the ball better at times. We're having long drives, but we haven't had any long touchdowns since really the first game when we had a 43 yard touchdown run by Andre [Brown]. We have got to score points, and we have got to score points in the first quarter.

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