PC: Chuck Amato Audio + Quotes

NC State head coach Chuck Amato discusses the upcoming game against Georgia Tech with the media.

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    Chuck Amato Audio

    Thoughts on the shotgun and if it will be used more with Evans being comfortable with it:
    "We can throw out of under center, we can run out of under center. We can throw in the shotgun, we can run in the shotgun. You can be rest assured that our offensive coaches are aware of the fact that we haven't been able to score points, as everybody has. They know that. We know that. We really do, and there's a lot of braintrust up in that room.

    "We're having planning meetings to do whatever we can to help these youngsters get the ball in the endzone.... if it's best for the team to keep him back there all day long, we'll keep him back there all day long."

    Is it more difficult to run out of a shotgun?
    "Ask every team that plays West Virginia this year if that's true or not."

    Can you pinpoint what's going wrong in the first quarter, in terms of execution, playcalling, or whatever. Just the issues with not being able to score a lot of points:
    "It has nothing to do with playcalling. It has nothing to do with playcalling. It has to do with penalties. In the first quarter we had two illegal procedure penalties and a holding penalty. A dropped pass... how about the first drive we had third-and-three on the 46-yard line and we dropped a pass.

    "Playcalling, you know if you've never called plays, plays have to be executed. It's not all that, it really isn't. You need to mix it up. You can't just do this and you can't just do that. That's true. When you're balanced it makes things more difficult... we feel we can run the football, and we feel we can throw it now. Daniel has done an outstanding job of that."

    Do you anticipate any lineup changes on the offensive line?
    "We're going to see how things go this week in practice before we make any final decisions. We're looking at this and that... they've done a good job.

    "91, that Long kid, he's a special football player. We made a move the other day and we put our special football player in front. You didn't see 91 much after that... that doesn't mean that our guy always won, but again, that's two great players that in a couple of years are probably going to be playing in that league and we're lucky to be able to do that."

    Thoughts on Georgia Tech's zone blitzing:
    "We've seen a lot of zone blitzing, but nobody does it as good as they do.

    "Coach Tenuta knows the zone blitz package maybe as good as anybody in the country... that's his thing, and he'll come up with a new wrinkle every game."

    Thoughts on Calvin Johnson:
    "That's a problem out there. Calvin Johnson is probably the best football player in the country, and he's big and fast. His quarterback can get the ball to him, but the thing that you add to it, is that quarterback does a lot of good running on his own.

    "We've got to mix it up. You have to mix it up."

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