PC: Brown, Crouch Meet the Media

RALEIGH, NC -- NC State players Martrel Brown and Curtis Crouch met with the media today to discuss Georgia Tech.

Martrel Brown

"It is frustrating, very frustrating, knowing we are a good team and we could be playing better than we are right now."

"Mental mistakes, penalties, and just mistakes... that's basically it."

"Our confidence is always going to be up, that's just how Wolfpack football is."

Curtis Crouch

"Penalties... just coming into the game with a little lack of focus I think as a whole."

"Things like that kind of get to your head a little bit."

"We've been used to doing one thing the whole year, the past few weeks we've been trying some new things."

"It's just what it is... when we played against Boston College and Florida State, I don't think we had more fire... I think we came into each game the same way. I feel like it's just nature to win or lose. Somebody has to lose. It's not like we go into a game and get killed. Every game we've played so far, besides Southern Miss, has pretty much been played close. That's about all I have to say about that."

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